Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kipster Queen you know what I mean

Month 9.  Guatemala.  Heat.  The same 10 shirts, rotating through for 9 months.  This girl is about tapped out of her mind ready to wear clothes.

On her pinterest walls, she pins pictures of clothes and says things like "I miss clothes"....leaving all her followers that don't know what she is doing, wondering where in the world she is to "miss clothes".  :)

I love her.

And as you scroll through these pictures, you can love her as much as I do.  If you follow my blog, or her blog, you'll know she has been working in a clinic for malnourished children this month.  And according to some of these other pictures, she snuck over to the "retirement" home with the other ladies.  When I use the term "retirement" I use it loosely.

I have read blog after blog about this place, and I have never been so saddened by anything in my life.  The nurses shove these poor souls, that are penniless, family-less, hopeless back on the "Back patio" and they sit there, either strapped to a pole, bound to their chairs, from the time they wake up, until they are put to bed.  They sit holding dolls.  They puke in their own laps, and poop their pants, and then have to sit in it all day.  They nurses stand by, but do nothing.  If they fall, they get a piece of tape over the cut.  They do this everyday until they die.  My heart is yet, again, broken by the sadness.

But, enter the beautiful ladies from the Z Squad.... they bring singing, balloons, and love, and laughter, and friendship, finger nail polish, pinatas and dancing to these poor souls days.  But mostly, they bring HOPE.

"Being a light" comes to mind.   I love these girls.   Enjoy the pics.  I wish I knew how to make a video, but I are a writer.

Start this music and scroll the pictures please. (it's so jank, I'm sorry)