Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Monday, November 25, 2013

Growing old

I watched the American Music Awards last night.

It used to be a big night for me.  I loved to see all the rockers glam'd out and listen to the music.

Now, it just makes me tired.

And sad.

I watched it with Lovely, who took my side on all things ridiculous.

Lady GaGa,  "What she doing?" ..... Katy Perry,  "Why she being Chinese?"     to Rihanna,  "She look like a .....I can't say that word, Lolly".

And, yep,  I agree.

Hallie listens to mainstream music, but for the most part, the kids and I are Christian KLOVE'rs and proud of it.  Air1, when the fundraising drive is full force, but mostly KLove.  So most of the songs, last night, were new to me.

Now, I have heard of One Direction.  No one on the planet hasn't heard of these mop haired wonders.  I had no respect for them, and considered them a teen band.

Well, excuse me, I was so mistaken.  (except for the mop hair on a couple)

What a catchy, great tune, and these guys were nothing but class.  Very Very awesome.

Then more bump and grind, more sleaze, and wonder of all wonders, this happened, and I was blown away.

I'm not really sure why Christina continually rubs her hand on her face, I guess I would if I was that talented, just to reassure myself I really exist, and the bigger question is what is the dude standing by the piano doing?  Man candy?  Just there for looks?  Christina took his part?  These are questions I have no answers for, but WOW, what a song.  I get choked up every time I watch it.

 Then Miley Cyrus (whom I have seen in concert twice with my little Hannah Montana fan) ended the show with not only a flying kitten in the background, but it was singing as well. .  wearing what looked to be like, half of a swimsuit, and who wants to even guess what that debacle meant?  I'm saying, get you some clothes like Ariana Grande (who doesn't have to rely on gimmicks, she has such an amazing talent) and wail "The Climb" for me, Miley.   Please bring back the G rated Miley, she was much more interesting. 

And what in the world, giving Rihanna an Icon award??  WHAT?   Now Paul McCartney?  Steven Tyler?  but Rihanna?  Come on.   I have spices in my cabinet older than her. 

Ok, I'm done ranting.   At least I became a fan of One Direction out of the deal, and I don't know who that singer is for the "Great Big World", but he is so good, he might become my new fake boyfriend.

Keepin' it real, people. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A lifetime of blessings

I'm going to shock the hair off a bunch of your heads.

Some of you aren't going to be surprised at all by my admission.

I'm still fairly in shock myself, though the blessings that have piled on me since my decision completely tend to overwhelm me.

Wait for it.......


...  well....

after intense prayer and soul searching, I've decided to adopt the lovelies.


I haven't told them, I'm trying to think of a way to tell them at Christmas.  So don't be running up to them at church and EXCLAIM, "OH MY AREN"T YOU EXCITED"??

Just don't do that yet.  We still have a half a million miles to travel with the bio parents, and if a wonderful younger mom and dad couple decide they can't live without them, then I would gladly hand them to a worthy young mom and dad.

The unknown is too risky.  If they got separated, or even worse, fell into the wrong home, I would never be able to live through that.

Besides, it's just kids.  I've been raising kids about 29 years now, what's 14-15 (30)  more years?

I mean really, now?  So, I'm starting the process of adoption.  I don't know what it looks like, or how long it will take, or anything really. 

So, warriors, be in prayer for me.  The world doesn't understand this decision.  The world thinks I'm mental, and some days, I tend to walk that worldly way, and feel defeated and ridiculous.

I know this for sure...I have to find a bigger house.  I have to sell my house and find a bigger house, and what would be fantastical, would be to have a BIG house and foster more kids.

Don't shake your head and think I'm crazy.  Wait, you already know I am.  But I would, there is NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING more rewarding.

Lovely, losing over 50 pounds, finding friends and being the social little butterfly I knew she would be.

LB, totally off his IEP, working top of his class in the 4th grade, winning Student of the month, and his teacher's total favorite.

BB, learning more and more English, never meeting a kid that he doesn't play with and be friends with in 5 minutes, and wearing anything stuck in his pants, or hanging on his back with a headband he stole from Hallie,

These kids deserve a life.  They deserve a chance at a life.  And I know I can't save them all, but I can save three of them.  And maybe shelter more, if I find a home that will house more.  And when I'm old (er) and they have grown, I'd like to turn my big house into a shelter for women and children seeking shelter from abuse.

I have big fat hairy ridiculous goals.

Because this life isn't about me, it's about showing God's love through action.  And sometimes that looks crazy to some people.  And the crazier it is, the better God likes it.

The words to this song just hit home with me, because I'm not doing this for me, I'm doing this because walking with God will take you deeper than an ocean, it will take you to places you would never dream possible....  trust and Walk on.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sweet Little Zi

Everyone remember Zi from the world race??

The family had a Zi Day to raise money to bring him to his forever home in the United States, and a ton of my friends supported this precious family, and helped them get the funds they needed on "Zi- Day".

It was so fantastic.

Bringing Zi-Ping home  If you want to read about my musings on that day.

Anyhoo, they just released the sweetest video talking about their journey and I wanted to share it with all my friends and family that helped support get this sweet little boy home!

Get your kleenexes.