Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I am appalled at myself.

At the lack of input I have put into my blog in the last....say....12 weeks.

Or, all summer.

I need to blog about our Wear Purple Day for our angel.  I have pictures galore of that wonderful day.

I need to blog about how hard it is for tonsils to be removed from two kids at once, and not to do it.

I need to blog about sand/beach volleyball and Hallie's foray into the wonder of it this summer.  And how that took up every second of my free time.

I need to blog about my trip to California to see Kip in her new element, and the time Hallie and I spent there.

I need to blog about Lacey's new love, Tyler, and how effortlessly he has become part of our family, and how fortunate we are to have him.

I need to blog about the fact that I somehow pulled off, in the midst of all that busyness mess, to be in my company's TOP DOG contest and make the FINALS.

I need to blog about the fact that it has almost been a year since we lost our Austin, and that's it's just not possible that our precious ginger has been gone that long.

I need to blog about the fact that even in losing Austin, we are about to welcome his nephew into the world, Paul and Kat's baby, KevinPaul, or (KP, as I am going to call him because, well, KevinPaul is Paul and his dad and KP just makes me weirdly happy).

I need to blog about this giant dog I have acquired this week, because while in California, Kip and Brandon mentioned a Great Dane to me, and said they had been looking for one for a while, and were quite costly and hard to come by.  I just mentioned it on facebook, and acquired one in like 25 seconds, and she has been living (consuming my life) since Sunday, when I foolishly thought I should get her so she would get to "know" me before I drive her 12 hours to Gallup NM to meet Kip and Brandon and bring them their 85 pound 12 month old "Baby".  Horse.  Destroyer of flower beds and sleeping beds.  Eater of her own poop.  Licker of the face.  Friendly little lapdog.

It's a good thing she is cute.  That's all I can say.

Anyway, I need to blog about all of that.  And in a year or so, when things slow down.  I sure will.

Meanwhile, Hallie's JV team has won every single game (not counting tournaments) they have played.  Took 1st in their first tournament (undefeated), and then for the first time showed nerves at the Jenks tournament this last weekend, and took 2nd to Jenks.  I believe they will beat them at State.  The mom has spoken.

Meanwhile, Lacey is in love and she's all shook up.  Look for big changes for her soon, and all of them with mom's utmost blessings.

Meanwhile, Kip is doing fantastical in California.  She finally snagged a car, along with her awesome job with a superbical architect firm, and the cutest hubba hubba b/f in the world.  Looking forward to riding in the car with a crazy large animal for about 12 hours to go see her this weekend.  Good thing my cousin Shannon is going with me.  Between the two of us, we might make it there.

Meanwhile, the lovelies are all back in school and doing superlicious.  Lovely is tackling 7th grade with anticipation, LB wants to run for student council, and BB's finally learned the number 1.  (It only took 7 months).

Life is good.

Surely I  will get around to blogging about all of this mess.  Surely.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Update on Lovelies

As we are moving in on almost a year that I've had the older two, and starting our 2nd school year, I just want to give you an update on all that is happening with them. 

Much to my Lovely's chagrin, she was not old enough to stay home without someone here with her, so she and LB found themselves at the "College Kid" program at a local daycare. 

Not their favorite thing, but being the good sports that they are, they have weathered the daycare storm.  They are probably the two most anxious people in Norman to start back to school.  :)

They had a disastrous family counseling meeting a while back, and have steadfastly refused to talk to mom since then. 

Our caseworker quit, and we've inherited a new caseworker, and I will never, for a million years, EVER take for granted how good some caseworkers are, vs. other caseworkers.

At last court hearing, the DA is now pushing to terminate parental rights.  That is tough.  The kids are completely on board.  We go next month to see if we go to jury trial (if the parents don't agree) or they just abdicate rights.  That won't happen, so we will have to go to court.  And have the kids testify, and they really are ready.

There are over 10,000 kids in the foster care system right now.  This state needs families to open their doors and hearts to these kids.  I like to think that there are only 9, 997 kids in foster care, because 3 of them are living with me in my little tiny house, with just little old me running the show. 

I'm not beyond begging people to consider foster care.  Or respite for foster families.  Or emergency placement for temporary placements.  You have NO idea the impact you can make in a child's life by simply saying "Yes" to being God's hands and feet. 

My lovelies are just three little kids that love the Lord and play and scream and eat their weight in Hot Cheetos.  These kids, and all the rest of them, deserve a chance at life, and you can make that happen by opening your hearts. 

Consider it, and if you are interested in more information, let me know and I can get you in touch with the right people.  "I know some people". 

There is no greater reward.  I just can't explain it.