Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weekend review

This week, I had a little vietnamese boy turn 5 years old.  Now, he can't remember that he turned 5...he knows it's his birthday, but he can never remember how old he is.

No matter how many times we tell him.....he never remembers.


I found this on my ipad.  His first attempt at a selfie.  Cracked me up.

That was Monday.

Tuesday was a big day.  A ton of surprises at my work, left me in shock and reeling, so having Hallie singing in a fall concert choir thing, helped smooth me out.  Seeing her in a long black dress with pearls, curls in her hair and red lipstick, (instead of volleyball spanx and a ponytail) helped right my day.

I don't think they have many 6'2" singers.  So her dress didn't drag the ground??  Who cares??

Volleyball regionals happened this week.  We were lucky enought to get to host it at home this year, so that meant we had home court advantage, and I got to work in the concession stand.  (can't let that higher education, food handlers license.....go unworked).   We played Lawton and Moore.  We smeared 'em.  It was epic.

Here's the link to the the neat write up they had in the newspaper..... Hallie had a spectacular showing in the first game against Lawton.  She had 16 kills with a .94 average....., you can see for yourself    
Or if you have 18 minutes, you can watch the whole game.  :)

Now we move on to state (playing in Shawnee on Friday) against the Edmond teams.  We have yet to beat any of them.  We've taken a set here and there with them, but taking the match?  Not so much.  So we will play Edmond North first, and if by some miracle in heaven we pass and hit like we did against Lawton, we might have ourselves a match on Friday.  If not, we can hold our head up high and look forward to next season.  Meanwhile, we break for about a month, and then club volleyball starts (practice), with games starting in January again.   So, on we march.

Saturday, we had a fun SUPERHERO party for Zachary, and the Super fam from Shawnee (aka Lacey and Tyler) and we had fun playing in our super hero tshirts, and ate soup, took pictures and ran to the movies to see Alexander and the horrible, terrible, no good day...(which we all loved, and give 5 exuberant thumbs up)

 We now have a ninja in the house......Thanks to his older sister and brother in law.  "I a ninja".  And yes he wore it to the movie.

We are a really special bunch.  I especially love Lacey's small writing on her shirt (Laynie's sidekick).  

And yes, we went in public like that.  I did leave my ninja mask at home though.  It's hard to see out of it.  

And today we went to hear our buddy Kannon's wish from Make a Wish foundation, and they will be going to DISNEYWORLD over Christmas.  I'm pretty sure that would be my wish too, if Make a Wish ever notices me.  :)  Actually, I'd spend the whole time at Harry Potter's place at Universal.  For real.  Alas, I have kids in a single mom's world, so that will never happen.  Sigh....

So everyone have a great week, and I am going to try to be vigilant -er in writing more.  Steven starts basketball this week, and that should be a hoot.  Small world, Carl's cousin Jim Jarvis is his coach...... that makes me oh so very happy.  I adore me some Jarvis family.

On to the next........