Sunday, September 14, 2014

Post #400 Running and Running and Running for Kannon

We pulled a TEAM HOPE together for Get Inspired's 2nd annual 5k yesterday because mainly it was to benefit our sweet friend Kannon and his parentals.  

I don't run.  Even when someone is chasing me, I kind of skip, fast walk.  Because, well, I ain't no runner.  If you ever see me running, call the police for sure. 

But yesterday, we won "Biggest Team" at the run and YEAH! we love to win that award!!!

Here are the 5k'r's ...
Minus Hallie.  Have no idea where she was. 
And ready, set, GO GO GO

 Ok, Zach is Kannon's daddy, so he is an honorary member of Team Hope, but he blew in first (from our Team Hope family) with a fantastic time of 26 minutes.  Wow.  
The first official member of Team Hope over the finish line was Steven, rolling in just seconds before Lee (in back of pic).  I was too busy trying to get my phone to work to get a decent picture of any of them, I'm really happy that Gina was johnny on the spot with the pictures.  She is handier than a pocket on a shirt.  

Here's Hallie.  She collapsed on the side and proceeded to toss her cookies.  It was a proud moment for me, and not at all embarrassing for her.  Did I tell you it was a whopping 44 degrees?  Yes, it's been 70 every morning, until the minute we try to run, then it drops to the 40's.  What is up with that?
Lacey's training partner and her daughter came rolling in and I was super impressed that the little gal just ran like the wind the whole way.  
Laynie's birthday buddy, and my sweet friend, Amy Astle came rolling in next .. that girl is my hero.
Amy's husband, John was right behind her, and he is quite the stud himself.  
The Astle's brought some friends, and they would have all had on Team Hope tshirts, had someone (me) not left their shirts on the table.  Yes, I'm quite cool that way.
Lacey ran her first 5k (she always just plans and coordinates the Wings to fly run that happens every year in El Reno, so she was pumped (cough) to get to run in this one.  She did fantastic.  She makes me almost want to run.  Almost.  Ok, not really, but Almost. 

Short britches won her age division.  
Semi short britches took 2nd in his age division.
 Not short britches at all won 1st in her age division.  The dude handing her her ribbon added, "Dang, you are tall". 
John won 3rd in his age division...that's amazing, lots of great runners there. 
Lee took 3rd in his age division (Grandpa) !!
So proud of him!
He also won 1st place in small boy wrangling and I did appreciate that. 
 I especially love this one of Lacey getting started, and Austin's little cowboy hat shining on her hip! 
And I guess I win the award for "Best Kleenex provider" and yeller at the finish line.

It was a great day, and I am anxiously awaiting to hear how much was raised for Kannon at the run.
They raised over $10,000 at the golf tournament and I'm hoping beyond hope they raised enough to get the van and the things he needs (and the things Kelli and Zach need) to provide for him.

Great Showing TEAM HOPE!  maybe one day it won't be freezing conditions.  

Nah, probably not. 


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sixteen a blink

When I found out I was pregnant with Hallie, I thought the doc was kidding.  I was fairly old, and had a 10 year old and a 14 year old.  Getting pg wasn't anything on my

And then, along came Hallie.

She weighed 9 lbs, 9 oz and was 22 inches long.  She was just shy of being a toddler when she was born.

With a 14 year old sister in the house, and all the 14 year old's friends, she was quite the hipster.

 Her first Christmas.

Before we blinked twice, she was already pulling up on random things like legs and fireplaces and walking.

She seriously was the cutest little baby.  All dimples and eyes.  Her hairline was so receding, I was afraid she would be a forever grandpa.

When she finally got a little hair on top, we didn't waste any time flaunting it.

 Her sisters adored her, even would change her diapers without groaning too much.
And she was oh, so, oh so very happy.  All the time.  Just a little happy camper.

As I was looking through pictures to share on this blog, I ran across a few of her "scrapbooks" she made, while Lacey was doing the real scrapbooking, she would give Hallie some "Scrapbooks" of her own to keep her busy (and out of her stuff).  These pages were so precious, I'm just sharing them.

Hallie Hallie Hembree   (age 7)

"Bald as Can Be"  Me and My Baby Days

Don't you think we are FUNNY?  My Fourth Birthday!

I especially like the pictures of the turtles that she cut out of some random magazine.  Her hearts were perfection. 
Hal & Lacey  "Sisters love each other"  

"Me & Kip"

This was interesting.
"animals are awesome".  I'm still clueless where she got the cat. 

There's so much fun on this page, I don't know where to start.  Her curlers, Her witch costume, her lady godiva on her rocking horse......Too many to chose from.  

I like this for one reason only.... the picture of her in the doghouse.  Priceless. 
Both of those little black puppies succumbed to parvo, about broke all of our hearts.  

She had quite a knack with the scissors here.  Takes after her mom. 
I especially love the one of the left corner...way scissor happy.  

On her 7th bday she got her ears pierced.
That lasted about 3 months.  
I think one of my all time favorite picture though
is this one..
She is 3 and Corey is 6 or 7.  
One of the cutest pictures ever.  
Her and her brudder. 
She was a terrific aunt, and couldn't get enough of Laynie.

I thought it was ridiculous when she turned 8.  Where had the time flown?  And where did Gram find those hip red/white/blue patriotic specs?

Now she is 16, and ridiculously tall.  And Smart.  And Beautiful. 
 Her sisters can't believe she is so much taller than them, and has such a better butt than them.  
It's all a mystery. 
They spend a lot of time pinching her volleyball booty and giving her a hard time.

All I know is yesterday we were doing this......

And now we are doing this.......

And today she will drive.  All the hours chauffeuring this child will come to an end, and I will be forced to find my own entertainment.  The difference between this child and my first two, I never slowed down enough to realize where I was with them, and really drink in every minute.  We rushed to the next milestone with amazing swiftness, and rushed to the next without acknowledging any of them.  That is my biggest regret as a parent.

If I can offer any advice to any of you busy busy parents......don't race to your milestones.  This past summer, I slowed down at work, I slowed down at commitments, I slowed down my life, to really, truly drink in this time with Hallie.  Oh, don't think for a minute I didn't want to put a sign around her neck "Free to good home" most days, but I lived full out in every minute....cherishing all of it.  And now, as of today at 10:45 am (barring she doesn't hit a curb in her driving test), she will be off and running herself around in her Nissan Frontier....... paving her own frontier.  As I drove into the high school parking lot yesterday morning, exasperated as crap at my teenager who thinks I'm dumb as dirt, and only put on this earth to make her life miserable.... I took a moment's pause and celebrated the fact that I will never have to push my way through the crazies in that parking lot in the morning, ever again .


Drink it in.

Happy birthday, Hallie Lauren.  God's got Big, Big plans for you.  And I will be behind you, cheering you on, every step of the way....all of your life.

Forever and a day, Love you to the moon..........MoMo

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Labor Day Funness

Thought I better check in and share some of the funny things that have happened recently.

Last weekend, Hallie & I ran to California (or flew) to see Kip, Brandon and Brielle.  Boy, oh boy, was I glad to see my kids. 

 They got a cute new ride, a Honda Pilot that is just super amazingly nice.  They have a knack for finding terrific deals on vehicles. 

 We ran to the lake on Labor Day....we were happy to see there were very few people to be found.  It was gloriously amazing. 

As usually, Ms. Super Sign Maker made us this cutey patootie sign to welcome us.  Love my Kip.

My granddog was exceptionally cutie.  Delighting us with her precious personality, and as a giant Great Dane, totally unaware she is a 100+ pound of canine deliciousness.  She is the most hopeful dog on the planet.  She will stand by the table with the most hopeful look on her face, just knowing that any second you will either 1) look away so she can snatch it from your plate, or 2) you will crack and give her a bite (Might have done that).   She also will stand at the door for hours, waiting for a squirrel to grace her backyard.  I found her a chipmunk chew toy, which lasted about 8 minutes. 

Kip and Brandon have worked hard on the house (Well, Brandon has worked really hard on the house) getting some cute stuff ready.... This picture collection is made of a pallet.  Just the neatest thing, and Brandon took out a 70's wet bar, and made this nifty closet.  He is really handier than a pocket on a shirt.  I have two super dee duper handy son in laws.  (I are so lucky)
 Of course, this is in Kip's house.  I would expect nothing less.  :)

Their new fancy schmancy closet.  

Hallie is going to turn 16 in 4 (FOUR) days.  They made her a cake (Ok, Kip did that) and hung a cute SWEET SIXTEEN banner on the window and celebrated with her while she was there.  The hopeful dog was sure she would score a piece of chocolate cake  (she didn't, however she did get several Pupparoni's)

Spent some wonderful time with Aunt Nancy, Uncle Lon and cousin Alison and her family.... I noticed my shoulder hurting this night, but thought I was just tired. 

By the next day, I couldn't lift my arm at all.  It was pretty super duper. 

Hallie had to be the pack mule coming home and carry all our worldly possessions (mainly our laptop to watch the whole season of Walking Dead, and our Ipad).  I was in misery.  Of course the very first thing I thought was cancer.  My lymph node was sore and swollen and I had cancer. 

I was really happy after seeing the doctor when we got home, that I had just flare the bursa in my shoulder by carrying all that crap in a bag on my shoulder and then my arm, on my shoulder and then my arm.  When you get old, you can't do that Captain america stuff and carry heavy things for hours on your shoulders in airports. 

They did give me a RX for an 800 motrin with a touch of something for your stomach, so all that ibuprofen won't eat your stomach, and it was some weird deal that had them deliver it to my house from Texas.  ???  I have never in the lifetime of me, had an RX delivered and paid zero copay.  Imagine my surprise when (still using the 9 of the sample they sent me home with) I opened that package and I found 270 motrin.  800 mg.  That should handle anything the kids and I need for the next decade.  Thanks, doc. 

Happy that I am able to move my arm in full motion today. 

I did help the Foster's sell about 1/2 million raffle tickets today at Kannon's annual golf tournament, and then later, when attending my friend's Preston and Nikki McCurtain's baby shower.... thought that the party favor they handed me as I was leaving was a gummy duck, and totally broke the head off, and popped it in my mouth.... 4 chews in, I realized that was the WORST tasting gummy I had ever eaten, and found out that those cute little ducks were actually SOAPS, I projectiled those cute little duck faces straight across the room.  4 hours later, I am still burping soap bubbles.   Blek.

Never a dull moment....that is for double danged sure.