Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Run Laynie Run

I spent some time tonight on Laynie's tribute page and I couldn't help but sit, as the tears streamed down my face, and marvel at the incredible impact her life had on so many people.

People we didn't even know, would read our stories about her, and literally thousands of people were praying for our family, all over the country.







If you see me in public, please harangue me for not accomplishing this goal.  Lacey and I worked on it last year, and then backburnered it (with life in the way and all).


It just does.

I read the words I wrote back then, and I believe they were divinely inspired.  We were in such a spiritual, God-filled walk...... truly the most incredible of times.

Here is the
if you want to see the precious pictures and all the wonderful guest entries.

God. Is. Oh. So. Good.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Update on the Gram

For those of you that have been following and wondering about "Super Gram" I thought I would quickly update on my blog.

On Jan 5, she had 4 rods and 20 screws placed on her spine for a last ditch effort to alleviate her degenerative scoliosis.  She spent one night in ICU, and her night nurse was family friend, Matt Roy, so God was smiling down all over us that night.

2nd day she was still stoned on anesthesia and good drugs, so they mistakenly thought she was ready to move out on the floor.


She slept for basically 5 days.  She remembers nothing of that week.  And that's great and not so great.

Then we moved her across the highway to the REHAB hospital and that's where it gets interesting.

First, she has to start walking.   Whoa.  And pain meds have to be regulated, and she needs to start plugging back into reality.

It's been interesting to say the least.

Today, she is doing better.  Now she wheels to the dining area and eats with everyone else, and does PT and OT, and I'm really amazed at how well she is doing.

We are hoping to bring her home on the 25th.  That's the red circle on her calendar in her room.

We feel so blessed and felt every single prayer.  I have never been so thankful as I have been over the past couple of weeks, when I asked for prayers, I immediately felt them.

And I know mom did too.

We still have a long way to go, but I am proud of her recovery.  Keep praying and know we appreciate every single one of them.

Friday, January 16, 2015

The birthday of an angel

Dearest Darling,

Happy birthday.

I sit here without words (it's a shock, I know), because how many times can I say how much your life meant to me?

You were the tiniest, most mighty human I have ever, or ever will meet.

I think in the almost 30 months that you graced earth with your presence, I kissed you 500 million times.

I love you with a love that defies explanation. 
I wish every day that I had kissed you 750 million times.  When I'm very still as I lay down to sleep, I can still feel your softness in my memories.  There was nothing sweeter than you, my angel.

This year, will become a big sister.  You are going to have a little brother.  How we anticipate his arrival with so much joy...... and I find it hard to believe that I could ever love anyone as much as I loved you.

I love how your mommy loved you, and it will be such a joy to see her love your know, my love, what an excellent mommy she know...

When I start to miss you so much, I find so much comfort in all the pictures your mama took of you... how lucky we are to have all these joyous memories.....  My favorites are your bathtime pictures.   how you adored your bath.....

And when it was time to get let us know you were NOT happy about it....
  But your mommy always ALWAYS knew how to fix you right up...
 And before you knew it.....all was right with your world....... only seems like yesterday we were doing this...

 but when I see pictures of all of us....I see how time has marched on, and it makes me miss you even more.

On your birthday and every day..... I love you.  My life is different only because of you, sweet girl.  

Through your life, you taught me everything important in my life....

and that.... has made all the difference.
 Thank you for coming here to teach us all. 
Happy birthday in heaven, my love....

Forever,  Your Lolly