Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Thursday, November 5, 2015


Time Hop is a blessing and a curse.

If you aren't familiar with TimeHop, it is an app that you can download on your smartphone.  It shows the particular day you are on, and gives you that day from the past 5-6-7 years. 

Some days I roll on the floor laughing at the funny stuff that rolls across my Timehop. 

Days like today, it takes my breath and puts me right back in the pain of watching Laynie die.

6 years ago, Laynie was fighting for her life at Children's Hospital, with a 1.8 hemoglobin. 

Yep, you read that right.  1.8  We were told over and over that night, that she shouldn't be alive, that she had defeated the odds.

But you see, we already knew that.

She went on to live 8 more months, and teach us so much more than we could ever dream possible.

Today, Lacey & I blew our facebooks up with posts to help Children's Hospital Foundation and support them with your donations.

Most parents will never use the Children's Hospital.  They are fortunate enough to have healthy children, ones that try their patience, and are loud, noisy, ungrateful, precious little healthy wonderful babies.  Those parents have no idea how lucky they are. 

Most of the parents that cross Children's Hospital doors, are uncertain, terrified, and praying for answers, for the child they love more than anything else in the world. 

Thank God we have that hospital for parents to take their sick children.  Laynie had many many special needs.   EVERY NEED WAS MET AT CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL.  We never had to leave the state for ONE SINGLE THING.

Do you know why?   OKLAHOMA?  Where the winds come sweeping down the plains?  Why in the world would they have top rate health care?  The best doctors, specialists?

Because of Children's Hospital Foundation.   That's why.  Every single penny that is raised is kept in THIS state, for OKLAHOMA children.  

THAT IS HUGE.  I know that there are other children's organizations out there that are excellent.  But take this from a grandma with a grandbaby that wasn't healthy enough to fly somewhere for care.  This is in OKLAHOMA.  This foundation raises money so that the best doctors, the best researchers, the BEST OF THE BEST come here to practice.  We have incredible doctors here. 

We need to support this incredible foundation and donate and keep the doctors and researchers here in our state. 

This is Laynie and Lacey's radio interview in 2009.  It was right before she got sick, so that is why Lacey says "She's only been in the hospital one time".   Little did we know she would be in the hospital fighting for her life just short weeks later. 

Life is a gift.  Your healthy children are a gift.  Never Ever take it for granted.  Get a kleenex.