Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


The past two days have been a sick blur for me.

You all know I work in the funeral industry.  I help families prearrange their funerals, so they take the burden of their passing off their families, and their spouses, and their kids.

Yesterday, I met a man, whose soul intent was to get his cremation taken care of, so he could take his own life.

I didn't see the clues until about half way through the appointment.  At the end, I told him I was very concerned about him and I didn't feel comfortable leaving our appointment the way it had ended.  I asked if I could pray with him, held his hand, and hugged him goodbye.

I was pretty sure I would never see him alive again.

I read on the suicide prevention website and got armed with some information.  I called him back and told him there were still some forms that needed to be filled out, that I would need to meet with him again.

He agreed to meet me.

I asked all my friends to rain prayers of grace and healing down on his tired, sad soul.

I don't believe that God sent him to the very funeral home that I work at, for no reason.  I believe it was an ordained act of God that sent him to us.  The funeral director that I worked with had first hand knowledge and shared a story with him.  I talked to him, and encouraged him to give me a glimpse of his personal hell.

He talked and talked.  As I listened to him, I felt more defeated and more defeated.  The enemy had a horrific hold of this man.

People, life is a gift.  Mental health and well being is a gift.  Depression is a very real and powerful weapon.  It is the comes in the night to steal, kill and destroy. 

Just let God carry you, if you feel this way, friends.  Lean on Him and let Him carry you through the darkness.  He will guide the boat through the dark waters, and bring you into the light.  Just allow Him to do that for you.   Lean into Him. 

I have never felt so helpless and emotionally drained in my life.  Because there was a threat of him taking his own life... 9-1-1 was called and police arrived.  We feared he might open fire in the funeral home and take us all out, we feared he might decide to end his life in the parking lot, we feared he would ram a car head on.  So many things to think about, for this broken, broken man.   

All I know is we had an army praying for him.

To my amazement, he peacefully went with the police, to get some help.   That was all God and prayer. 

Thank you, God, for bringing this man to us.  Please help him find his way out of his deep, dark depression.  Give him the help that he needs to realize his life is valuable, and important.  Mostly God, let him feel Your love, and Your hand in his life.  He needs it so desperately.

Friends, value your loved ones, and don't take a day for granted.  Love each other, let go of petty grievances and hold tight to the truth of love.

God is Good, all the time.