Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Sunday, December 18, 2016

An Open Letter

Dear Jeff and Karla,

I found out from Melba that your daughter's unborn baby has been given a grim diagnosis.

How my heart hurts for you.  For her.  For the precious unborn babe.

I remember October 3, 2007 like yesterday.  That is the day we found out that Laynie was going to be "different".

We were told such incredibly horrible things.  Our hearts were broken, our dreams shattered, in one short doctor's appointment.

But, also, something very tangible happened that day.  God showed His very beautiful face to us.  I thought I was a sold out Christian before that day, but through her incredible life, I found out what walking in the light really was.  Without Laynie, I would have never had a true relationship with God my Father.

So, while the news is grim and unexpected, get ready to walk through the most anointed time of your lives.

It will be your job, to be your daughter's biggest cheerleader.  When she feels overwhelmed, you will be there to always be her positive guide.  When she cries, you will cry along with her, and tell her that God will never leave her side.  He didn't bring you or her to this place to leave or forsake you, He brought you here to show you His face clearer than you've ever seen it before.

I invite you to read my blog of our journey with Laynie.  Go back to the beginning, the day we heard the news and just read about the blessings.  There is pain.  I will not lie, but the blessings FAR OUTWEIGH the pain.

YOU WILL MAKE IT THROUGH THIS SEASON.  You will be better people, better parents, better grandparents, just let God guide you through the hard spots.

The doctors DON"T KNOW EVERYTHING, only God does.  We learned that OVER and OVER.  When we heard negative, we shook our head, and said to ourselves, "God is writing her story, not the doctors" and indeed, He did.

She impacted thousands of lives.  If you allow yourself to be vulnerable in a way you have never been before, God will use this time for good.

I'm standing in solid belief for you, that it will all be good.

For He Is Good, all the time.

Even when our hearts are broken, He is Good.

Love you two,  Laura