Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Monday, July 18, 2016

In Praying for Alison

As Alison heads to surgery on Wednesday, she has asked for very specific prayer requests.

I will copy them, so I don't miss any.

All right, prayer warriors... the time has come to get down on our knees in prayer for my surgery on Wednesday! Scott and I will be leaving Tuesday morning for San Francisco, and we would covet your prayers over the next week. After having a family pow-wow to discuss specific prayer requests, here are the BIGGIES we are asking you to pray over:On the homefront:Restful, sound sleep every night beginning tonight! That all fears would be banished; for the peace of God to rule in this house and for hearts and minds to be at peace, trusting God completely.Sibling unity; love for one another; kindness and gentleness toward one another; patience. Safety in transportation to and from events.Good leadership from the older kids toward the youngers.For Surgery:I have one procedure on Tuesday the 19th to inject dye which will travel to my "sentinal" lymph node that will be removed in surgery to ascertain if any cancer has spread to the lymph nodes in my right underarm area.Surgery is scheduled to begin at 8:30 am on Wednesday the 20th, and should last 4 to 5 hours.For the Lord to provide supernatural peace that surpasses all understanding. That I would be able to walk confidently into the hospital Wednesday morning, trusting God completely. For me to have absolute faith and trust that God is leading me and therefore He will be faithful to sustain me.For miraculous healing and to be cancer free from this point on.For my surgeons to have skilled hands and wisdom.For every nurse who has contact with me to be attentive, skilled and alert, and that I would have favor with the hospital staff.For no mistakes to be made.For me to be protected from any infections or exposure to other sickness and germs.To have high tolerance for pain and discomfort and have good pain control.For Scott to be at peace while he is waiting during the surgery.For safe travel to and from San Francisco.For a full and complete recovery at home.I will be "turning over the reins" for updates this next week to Victoria and Savannah. Scott will be providing them updates from the hospital and they will then post updates here.Thank you, thank you, my faithful prayer partners. I am so thankful for your prayer covering.Pressing onward with God's grace,Alison

Today, I met with a couple that was in their 80's.  She shared with me that she was a breast cancer survivor.  She said to me, "I was and am the biggest wimp in the world when it comes to anything I had to put the cancer in a box, and give it to God.  Once I gave it to Him, I never worried about it again, I just did what I had to do to get through the surgery and chemo, and I knew that HE had the cancer, and that HE would control that box, and I promise, It got me through"
So powerful, how God puts the people in our path that we need to hear from.  I've been praying and praying for Alison's peace, and this precious little gal tells me exactly what I need to hear to share with my baby cousin.  
Extra prayers for the Grants, and meanwhile, that Cancer is in God's hands, not ours.  

I believe in total healing.   For God is Good.  

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Good news, Great news, Amazing News

This time of the year is always a kick in the teeth for me.  I just don't like the first of July.  Laynie went to heaven on July 10, SIX years ago, and even though we have a flood of PURPLE love heading to us on the 10th, it's always a hard day for me.

Then KD decided to leave Thunder, which left 1/2 of my household and my neighbor in bereft sadness,  so all of that mess was hard to take on the 4th.

Then Alison shared this post on facebook, and made my entire day.....

Dear Cancer,
I thought it would only be fair to warn you. You have chosen the wrong woman and the wrong family to mess with. It is obvious that you are a coward and have no idea who you are up against. Let me set you straight. On your side, all you have is yourself. Cancer. Sneaky, relying on scare tactics such as “stage numbers” and survival statistics. The problem is, you have no idea what we have on OUR side. Let me enlighten you. First off, we have GOD. The only reason you have been permitted to throw the first sucker punch in this fight is that GOD is permitting it. He is allowing it for my good; for my growth and the chance to rely on Him further and learn more about Him. You don’t get to call the shots. GOD does. You do not control the time span of my life. GOD does. What you mean for hopelessness and discouragement, God means for good and a closer spiritual walk with Him. Given God’s absolute power and authority, we really don’t need any other team members, but since I said I would introduce you to the whole team, allow me to continue.
You picked the fight with me, so I will kick off the introductions. You clearly did not take a good look at me before you threw the first punch. I am a fighter. I am stubborn and loyal and never give up when I set my sights on a goal. Did I mention that I am the mother of six children? And an adoptive momma? And a homeschooler? Take just one of those jobs and you would have one tough woman. Throw all three into the mix and you come out with a tenacious woman who values life and her family above all else, and a woman who will fight you until the bitter end. Did I mention that knife throwing is my backyard hobby? Just thought you might want to know that.
My husband. Ah, my husband. You obviously did not take a look at him up close and personal. My husband is an amazing man. Yes, he has a soft and gentle side, but that is reserved for those he loves and trusts. That would NOT be you. No, you will be seeing the OTHER side of my husband. The man who is fiercely protective of his wife and family. The man who will stop at nothing to protect and support his wife and who will remain steadfastly alongside her in this marathon. He has already suited up and I believe I hear him reloading right now. I would run while you have the chance.
My children. Yes, I do have a gaggle of them. And you know why? Because they are amazing, that’s why. Given they are our children, the kids have inherited our tenacity, fierce loyalty, stubbornness and fighting spirit. And, interestingly enough, our passionate pursuit of various self-defense techniques. Victoria will be happy to target you in using her bow and arrow OR her rifle. She’s multi-talented like that. Did you know that Savannah recently returned from military war dog internship? She’s been using all that she learned in training our two Dobermans. I would be very scared if I were you. And sure, Ashlyn seems like such a sweet and gentle girl, but don’t let that fool you. When it comes to defending her family against bullies she won’t hesitate to knock you down flat. Laramie is thirteen years old. She doesn’t even NEED an excuse to hate you, as she is already emotional and will see you as bent on ruining her life. Did I mention she also has begun Jujitsu? That girl is going to mess you up. And the boys? Wow. They would just LOVE the chance to go all crazy Ninja on you and use some karate moves on anyone who messes with their momma.
I am sure you are now very nervous, cancer, but I haven’t even touched on our extended family or friends yet!! Suffice it to say that most of my close friends are also moms of large families & homeschoolers, and they are not only some of the most tenacious and loyal friends you can ask for, but they are also chronically tired and overworked, so they will indeed be prone to taking out all pent-up aggression on you and will give you a butt-kickin’ you are not soon to forget. Our loving friends and family members have all been in touch with me to let me know they are praying for me and they are all standing by my side, offering support in any way that I need. My mom and dad have already developed a deep hatred toward you. Did you know that I am my dad’s youngest daughter? He’s a good ol’ Okie boy who also stands ready to battle this one out on behalf of his “baby bear”.
So, cancer, I guess the message bears repeating. You have picked the wrong person to mess with. My heavenly Father is supporting me and helping me every day; my family and friends are there to pick me up after you throw your cowardly punches and we will ALL come out swinging. There is NO way you are going to win this one. You WILL be overcome. You WILL be beaten. It is time for you to leave.

Then after spending a fun time with Lindsay and her girls on July 4th at my brother and his girlfriend's place, and laughing and laughing at her in her 9 month state of pregnancy,.
 she presented the family with our newest member last night at 8:30ish  7 lb 2 oz 20 inch long,
 Major Warren Lewis

His new big sister, Maleah,  is more than ready to take him home.  This will be a fun, busy time for Lindsay!
Then on the heels of this sweet news.....Alison got her biopsy results from San Francisco and PRAISE BE TO JESUS, all the new spots are BENIGN!  We are praying for surgery to happen on the 20th now, and get those tiny little cancer cells GONE from her body, so She can begin the healing journey and SHOW Cancer OUT THE HOUSE.  SUCH a PRAISE report!

Just got off the phone with a nurse from UCSF... I am now crying HAPPY tears. BOTH biopsies came back as benign, meaning no cancer spreading to those areas. The nurse is awaiting one last “puzzle piece” that she thinks she will get today – the radiologist has to look at the pathology report and confirm what the other folks see and the conclusions they have drawn and either agree or disagree with their findings. She said she will call me back before close of business today either way to let me know what she has heard or if she has not heard. SO... I am now praying that we are still able to move forward with surgery on the 20th. I will post info. when I hear. Join me in praising God for good news! With thanksgiving, Alison

CAN I GET AN AMEN?????God.  Is.  So.  Good.