Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Monday, March 28, 2011

History and stuff

My first crush was on my uncles.  My mom's brothers.  They were the most amazing men I had ever had the chance to ever meet.  They were so different from my dad. (who rocked his own kind of cool).   They were really tall, (all but one) really thin, really athletic, so handsome, so COOL.  I just adored (and still do) my uncles. 

The hardest part of getting older, is watching those you love grow older too.  We don't live in the same state as a couple of my uncles, so seeing them is a birthday/Christmas/new years party all wrapped up with a big ole happy bow.  And since they married marvelous women that I love completely, it's always a great day when the family is all together.

Now we are facing losing one of the tribe.  We have faced it with him before, and he has always, ALWAYS, defeated whatever was set out before him.  Until now.  Now his kidneys are in complete failure, and he has blood clots in both legs.  His chronic COPD has caught up with him, and he is having to face the realization that his days on this earth are coming to an end.  And so are we.

So I need you to pray for my uncle.  He has "good" days and he has "Bad" ones.  Now, the bad seem to come more often and harder than the good.   I am honored that I have time and am able to help care for him.  He is a mess, and cracks me up with his quick one liners, delivered in a gasp, as he tries to get it out as he struggles to breathe.  He is not going quietly, and the disease that has gripped him, has steel hooks.  There are so many things I want to say to him, but he is content for me to say none of them, and simply sit by him and hold his hand, as we mindlessly watch Seinfeld reruns, as his life slowly, horribly slips away.

Life is a gift.  Health is a gift.  Things we take ridiculously for granted.  Kiss everyone you love everyday.  Smile at strangers.    Love your family, especially old uncles that you've crushed on your whole lives.  Because you'll turn around twice, and they will be... just gone.

My sweet Uncle with his grandson Austin... 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Originality 101

I thought I was so clever with my title of my blog.  SOO original.  Then I GOOGLED me this morning, trying to find it, as I hadn't saved it to my favorites, and imagine my delight when about 50 other people USED the EXACT same wording for their blog. 

What the?

Other people MUSE and MEANDER?  Is that possible?  There are more out there like me?  Isn't that a thought.

So, I might change the name of my blog.  Maybe.  Or I may just continue to Muse and Meander with all the other Musers and Meanderers.   I doubt they are tall swans, so I will probably have them there.

Time will tell.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A New Day

I have decided that I should be creative everyday.  Not a simple task. 

But I am up for the challenge.  Lacey had a "Picture of the day" for 2010.  She had 365 days of those things.  The first 7 months were a blast.  Lots of Laynie.  The last half became somewhat of a challenge.  I do believe the challenge is what builds the character.

So, let's start building the character, shall we??

Day One-  Don't you just hate it when you get popcorn husks (or are they hulls) stuck in your teeth? It's the shell of the popcorn that gravitates to your weak spot and lands in a place where no toothpick has ever gone before.  I can ALWAYS count on at least one to do that.  As I'm sitting here typing, I am rolling my tongue around on that tiny little nuisance, and contemplating rolling out the big guns..... the FLOSS.

Ok, this is a stupid way to start a blog.  But it kind of gives you a feel for the things that interest me.  I will talk about the bible.  I will talk about my kids.  I will talk about tv shows.  I will talk about my family.  I will talk about my relationship with Jesus Christ.  I will talk about my lack of relationships with the male species.  I will talk about road conditions.  I will talk about things that tick me off.  I will talk about things that make me cry.  I will make you laugh.  and I might make you cry. 

But mainly I want it to make you think.   But mostly I'll be random.  Because, it's just the way I view life.  Cause that's who I am, and how I face everyday.  With random humor, and swanlike grace.  And by swanlike, I mean two left feet ...grace.

Let's give it a whirl... shall we??