Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Friday, December 26, 2014

And the MOTHER of the Year award goes to........


Just going to take the birthday kids out for a movie and pizza with a friend.

Just going to do that.

No biggie, buy some tickets, get some seats, eat some popcorn, watch a good movie....

No biggie, right?

Here's the thing.  I heard Screen 1.  I had tickets that said Screen 1.  Screen 1 was showing the PG rated Annie.  That was the plan.

What my old eyes saw over that door was 1......yes.....1.     Not 7.  Heavens no.

So enter my 2 tween girls,  my 2 11 year old boy companions, and the 5 year old boyfriend that spits on  me whilst he speaks, and is solidly glued to my hip at all times. 

We are arriving right as the movie is supposed to start, so I'm a bit dismayed that the previews have already started......

and more dismayed that the theater is at capacity, and we will have to sit in the front row.

As we sit down, and I am trying to get the 5 year old's icee "drink ready", I hear a word that should NOT be in a movie preview at a PG movie.

I look up to the screen just in time for a naked man to kiss an equally naked lady's toe, then inject drugs into her vein in her foot.  And instead of getting their popcorns and drink "Movie Ready", the 5 children in-my-care  have their pure, untainted eyes glued to the giant screen in front of them. 

I.AM.HORRIFIED.   I glance over to my neighbor and urgently whisper, "IS THIS ANNIE?", to which he spits out his popcorn and spews pop out his nose and laughingly whispers back, 'UHM, NO."

He didn't have to spew pop out his nose... I got it.

About that time, companion of my 11 year old has abandoned his seat and is rushing to the door.  I grab his arm and say, "Get your stuff, we are out of here".

I think he was going to call his mom on his brand new smart phone and rat me out.

But no.  As we head toward the correct theater, all of us speechless from the trauma I have inflicted on them, and me, head swimming thinking of all the therapy I'm going to have to pay for 1...2..3...4..5 children and MYSELF..... the companion adds,  "I'm NEVER telling my mom what just happened".


I try to salvage the "party" and in we trot to Annie.   Annie?  Really?   Foster care, mean foster parent, system issues, no hope for Annie?   Have I lost my ever loving senses?

Therapy for 1...2...3... kids, please. 

When it was over, and I was crawling to the car....Steven offered,  "That was the best movie, ever, Lolly".

Stinkin' little liar. 

Pizza followed, and the Downs Christmas lights in Norman, and we sang entirely too loud in the car, and I promised them that I would take them to a better R rated movie next time.

All in all, a super successful day.

It ain't easy being me. 

Christmas 2015

Christmas was just a huge success this year.  I had several people rally to help me gather gifts and good tidings for my tribe, (since December is my lean, horrendous month in sales) and boy did my friends come through.

Lacey (knowing my shortage of funds), asked me to write her a "love letter".  I wrote one in my head about a dozen times, and on my search of the attic for our Christmas "ortaments" (kip'ineese) I ran across Lacey's "Kid" box that I had all her handprints, school work, Jim Paul dance recital tshirts, baby shoes, etc, and lo, and behold, a little journal I had started for her shortly after Kip was born. 

I was a blogger, even before I knew what blogging was.  My life turned upside down in 1991, and I managed to write in her book from 1989-1991, and it had a few wonderful memories tucked in its' pages. 

I added a 2014 postlude to it, and wrapped it for my girl.

She was a mess.  To say it was a great success was an understatement. 

I love little surprises you find at the exact perfect second. 

She added pics to my wall of kids (in my hall), so now my wall hall of fame has expanded 100%.  I'm guessing I can't adopt anymore kids, or I need to get a bigger wall.

It was a great day.

 Steven cleaned up
 I had a dream of us all baking cookies and handing them out to the neighbors.  It was Hallie, who made 6 dozen sugar cookies, and I'm pretty sure 3 dozen of them are still in the kitchen as we speak.  Movies won out over neighborly love.  Well, I tried. 

 Bubba jumped on his reindeers and came from Edmond to hang with the slovenly, all we do is eat, family and this was Lacey's "Original Jackson" family picture.  Mom's worn that sweatshirt about 20 christmases now.  It's ok, I've worn that Yankees shirt for about 15, and I don't even watch baseball. 

 G-dog loved her stuff, and we had a fashion show of all her new clothes, she looked quite spiffy, I might add.

 Lacey & Hallie played Hannah Montana Mall Madness (a gift from Christmas past), and Tyler decided he needed in on the action, and beat them handily. (who knew he was such a mall shopper?)

 This little boy (with his fresh haircut) cleaned up on the toy end.  We aren't even sure how to play this toy, but he sure likes it.

 But really, in the end, all you need is a good set of reindeer ears to make the day complete.  And, oh, a really cute 5 year old vietnamese boy to wear them.

Deaton cleaned up.   He got several fun bibs, and some onesies, and the reese's butter cups may be for his mama, but he will benefit too.  You're welcome, grandson...already sending you candy in utero.   Love, Lolly.

Seriously, I can't even begin to tell you what a great day.  We watched good movies (The Hundred Foot Journey), intense movies (The Maze Runner),  RIDICULOUS movies (Guardians of the Galaxy), and ate 200 bowls of soup, 1000 sour gummies, and two bags of chips. 

It's a wonderful life.  It truly, surely is. 

What a Week!

I've been so remiss in writing, I have a BUNCH of stuff to report.

The biggest and BEST news to report.....on the Grandma front..........

Oh HECK yes,

Tyler and Lacey found out on Friday that the sweet little bean is indeed a boy bean.  I had long suspected it, but Tyler wanted a girl so bad, that I didn't want to squash his dream.  :)  But ole Lolly knew.  What everyone probably doesn't understand though, the constant worry that Lacey lives under.  Everyone is luckily oblivious to "things that can go wrong" in their pregnancies, and they move blissfully aware, of how very very lucky they are.  Lacey and Tyler met with a geneticist before the ultrasound, where thankfully, the doctor was someone that knew Lacey's background, in fact, he was the same guy that urged us to "terminate" when we first found out about Laynie.

Before the ultrasound, he decided to share with Lacey that she indeed, was a carrier of the gene that Laynie carried.  If Tyler was a carrier as well, another Laynie could happen.  Can you even imagine Lacey's instant worry?  I had prayer warriors all over it, and in under an hour, the doctor had scoured the images, and Deaton Alan Holt was deemed perfection.  (duh).   He will bring so much JOY in our homes, I just can't hardly wait for May 5 to get here, so the spoiling can commence!!

On the Hallie front, she was awarded Norman Athletic Asssociation Volleyball Student Athlete for Norman North (along with Audrey Alford, our senior setter, who has a full ride to OU, and was also named Gatorade's Player of the Year for Oklahoma.)  So a very big, exciting honor for our sophomore.

She's been having horrible trouble with her ankles hurting, and after a quick visit to her orthopedic, found out she has her father's feet, and she walks on the inside of her arches.  We will have to see a podiatrist and get some inserts for her shoes, and maybe some Miss America walking lessons from Shelley Swope Wall and she should be good to go.

Gina turned 14 this week, and she continues to grow and mature.  So proud of this pretty girl.

As we move toward Christmas, (with alarming acceleration) I am thankful for our continuing health, the kids excellent attitude toward school, and their wonderful choice in friends.  All blessings..

And this little sunshine cutie turns 11 on the 26th.....

Merry Christmas one and all!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Hallie Bo Ballie Fee Fi Fo Fallie

This big ole drink of water...

(thanks Katie Begley for the funniest picture ever, and the perfect shot of her Ugh face)

The volleyball playing, hard working, big ole chick has hurt her ankle.  Not a rollie type sprainy type of pain, but a searing drop her to her knee type of pain.

To say I am stressed out of my head (even more than usual now) about this new development.....


Please pray for this kid.  Complete and utter healing. 

If anyone can do it, my prayer warriors can.

 Cause we need her doing this full out, without falling on the ground in pain.

Thanks for always loving and supporting this crazy "lil" gal..

Saturday, December 13, 2014

December and Faith

Every single December I feel this way.

But, it shows up every year. 

And every year I stress and stress and stress and stress through December.  

It's just awesome.  (where is my sarcasm font?)

It's in December when I really yearn for a partner to share life (and worries) with.  

It's in December that I feel my most alone. (even though I'm surrounded by hungry kids, needing food constantly).  

It's just a bummer month for me, people.  

I read my bible today, and I am in the book of Hebrews.  The entire chapter was on FAITH.  

Showed me example after example of how FAITH will get you through, even the darkest of hours.  

I like to think that I am a woman of faith.....but when I lay my financial worries at God's feet, and 

surrender them, I will be double dogged, ding dong danged, if I don't rush right back up to Him, and 

grab them back,  

I don't know why I am in the severe desert of testing that I am in now....I haven't blogged much lately, I haven't shared my worries with too many people, but I need your prayers.  

And I need to expand my faith, and not let FEAR take me over.  

Prayers, please.