Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Busy with a side of ridiculous, Please.

So much is going on all around me.  Let me summarize it this way.

Club Volleyball.  OU classes.  Foster kids (or lack of).  Work.   Studying.  Gas Prices.  Research Paper.  Presidential elections.  Dancing with the Stars.  Church (that should have been more at the top).  Homework.  Dogs.  Groceries.  Laundry.

You know.  In a nutshell...well....LIFE.

If you didn't know, I enrolled in college this semester.  I'm not sure why, except that it has always been on my bucket list, and I've meandered through college at my own pace and have an associates degree.  You don't need a degree to sell something.  So it's never been a priority.   Then it occured to me, with the advent of making no money as a non-profit worker now, I could probably get grants.  So I applied, and lo and behold, I got 2 semesters paid for through the broke person's grant.  Made a B in my first class, and feel just fine about it.  About to start my second class next week, "Conflict Resolution" and my toes curl in anticipation (or regret, I'm not sure)

Then, the fosters.  I'm not really sure how anyone gets anything done in this system.  My precious little dimples went into a home with 5, yes FIVE children.   I just don't understand.  So, I have moved my application for placement to DHS, and have one class to take (next week, since I don't have enough to do already) and everything else is good to go.  I'm anticipating getting a foster in time for valentines day.  We'll see, it ain't about my timing, it's about God's.

Then, club volleyball.  In volleyball, especially school volleyball teams, if you haven't played club ball during the year, you aren't going to be able to compete with the other schools where ALL their kids are on the club teams.  Hallie was playing a tournament a few weeks ago, and the line judge just happened to be the executive director of one of the club teams in town.  He saw her play, and told us he hadn't seen "Raw Talent" like hers since Sallie McLauren (freshman player of the year at OU 2 years ago), and wanted her to try out for club ball on his team.  That's huge.  She made the #1 team at tryouts (Being 6'1" didn't hurt) and now we are going to be doing the club volleyball thing all winter (Dec-May).  This should be interesting...more on that as I learn more.  We are all green newbies in the volleyball world.

Church this past weekend, I was out in the parking lot with Tony & Shelley Wall, letting them sniff my Scentsy (yes that sounds funny, but is delightful) when Shelley exclaims, "Oh, My WORD, that lady just fell down.  Tony and I race for her, and realize right away that a poor young girl managed to clip her as she was backing out, (total accident)  and being an older gal, she went down hard and fast.  Tony got her drivers license out while I held her head and tried to get her to talk to us, and we realized she belonged to one of the pastors in the church.  She wasn't making much sense, and it was very scary, but I hear that she ended up with a bad concussion, but no breaks.  I know when I tripped over the gas hose at the station and landed full on my hip and elbow, that it took me over a week to recover, and I'm a spring chicken compared to Mrs. G.  So I know she has to be hurting in a major way, and all I want to say about this mess is PLEASE, for the love of love, (And this is directed at myself, because I do it ALL the time).... BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU ARE BACKING UP IN ANY PARKING LOTS.   Kids, elderly people, pets.... they aren't careful.   So we have to be extra careful.  I know once I make a cursory look when I get in, I' not really vigilant in checking the area backing up, and after Sunday, that has changed dramatically for me.  Whoa.  Scary stuff.

And then, the debate with the President hoo- haw.   I don't have to say anything here, because most of you know it's a mess.  Ugh.  I'm seriously thinking Snoopy is my man.  Then, on KLOVE today, it brought it all back home for me.   "It doesn't matter who gets elected President, God is in control".  And it's true.  My faith and strength are not derived from earthly things.  Presidents will come and go, and some will make more mistakes than other, but my hope is not in this life, it is in things to come.   So take heart.... God will see us through, just trust Him, and do His will for your life, and all will be fine.   All the mud slinging, and horrible things flying around, aren't of God's plan for us.  "Love your neighbor, as yourself", that included idiot Presidential nominees.  :)   I'm trying.  I'm trying.

So, that's it in a nutshell.  Kind of.  Except for my sick obsession with some certain tv programs.  I might talk about them later.  And I might not.   Who knows?

All I know...  God's got it, and I'm just here for the fun ride.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Oh, Ellen!

I have loved Ellen DeGeneres for as long as I can remember.  And I've brought up 3 girls to love her as much as me.

When Lacey stayed home with Laynie, she watched her everyday, and then she got Kip hooked on her, and lately, in the evenings, Hallie and I bond over our DVR'd Ellen show while we eat our supper.

We laugh and laugh and laugh.

I remember when we were in the hospital with Laynie, Lacey and Kip had vowed not to get each other Christmas presents, all except, they were going to get each other the Oprah magazine, with Ellen on it.  When we opened our presents at the Children's Hospital, that cold December morning, we giggled and laughed at how she cracked us up with her different poses and faces.

We found joy with Ellen in the midst of all that pain.

I've thought forever that we should get on her show.  She'd love our story, and probably love us, too.  I just don't know how to pull that off though.

Until, we were watching night before last and she said, "Send in your favorite picture of your kid in their Halloween costume".... and if you might remember correctly....

Hallie is a genius at coming up with clever costumes.

She is like a mini celebrity at Halloween.

It started in 2010, when she came to me and said, "I want to be an aquarium."  and like I normally do, in most things she tells me, I just stared at her.   "I'm not helping with that", stated the mom.

"Fine, I'll do it myself, you just have to get me what I need"...which turned out to be easy, since we already had most of it.  A box.  Fishing line.  Blue see through wrapping paper (weird, we had that).  Flashlights.  Finding Nemo toys from MacDonalds.  and Duct Tape.  Lots and lots of duct tape.  And Hallie's extraordinary imagination, went to work.

She wanted to have her head in the aquarium with the fishes, with her snorkle and mask on, which would have been outstanding, but it ended up hurting her neck walking around with that box propped up on her head. Plus, she couldn't breathe with that mask on.  Go figure.

So she caved up in her room for about 2 hours, and she walked out with this masterpiece.

It was brilliant.  In a box. 

trick or treating Uncle Bubba

She had two flashlights duct taped into the front of the box shining up on her, so the whole thing was eerily lit inside the tank.  She had the fish hanging on invisible fish line, so as she walked they bobbed like they were swimming.

It was fantastic.

Every single person that walked by wanted to look at it, and ooh'd and ah'd.  It was like being with a celebrity.  When she'd ring the doorbell of a house, the person in charge of the door, would be bored, walking "OH MY GOSH, Another Trick or Treater" and see her and they would LIGHT up!  HEY, everyone, COME HERE and see this costume!~!!!  Usually they'd take a picture, and after everyone ooh'd and ah'd we go to the next house, first being stopped by people to look at it, then at the house itself.  It was so much fun.  Hallie was so pumped.  She knew she was a genius.  

Anyway, Ellen wants creative kids costumes.  She won't find one better than this one.  What a hoot!

That was when she was 12.

Now last year, she was waffling if she wanted to try to "Out DO' her aquarium.  I didn't think she could, but alas, she did it again. 

She went as........

her facebook page.  (before the new format) 

And wins best use of popsicle sticks as props.

Not bad for a 15 minute before time to trick or treat, throw together costume.  Again, she was a mini celebrity.

Super heroes?  Princesses?  Ghouls or witches? 

Nah, an aquarium and a facebook page.  

Hope Ellen knows a genius when she sees one.    I know I sure do.