Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Friday, September 30, 2011

Must See TV- Mondays

I am a tv freak show.  I LOVE TV.  I am one of those people that buys the new fall tv guide and highlights the new shows I want to watch  (I know there are others out there,  my Mom, for one).  I love most shows.  I will skip sports, home shopping networks and horror sci/fi tv, but the rest..... all fair game.

Because I believe I have so much insight (Lord knows I have watched enough to be a pro)... I am going to break my evenings out for you and tell you what shows I believe to be "WORTHY" of watching,  and shows "WORTHY" of dvr  and  shows to AVOID at all costs.   Sound fun?    Again, not up to you, seeing how I'm writing this...and mostly to myself.   and my 31 followers  ( I LOVE YOU)



Guys will immediately think  FOOTBALL....  me???  


These two make my Monday nights.  I haven't enjoyed a crime show like this since Moonlighting.  They have chemistry, and humor and they are just delicious.  It's one of my favorite Monday night shows. 

I have always loved Dancing with the Stars and usually watched it, without DVR'ing it, but this season is a bit lacking.  I lost interest the first week... No really good "Star" dancers that wow'd me.  (because I am such a great dancer myself), but it is watchworthy because of two things.....

Derek Hough... who yes, I could have given birth to, I'm so  much older than him, but I can be appreciative of his mad dancing skills.  He is almost, just almost, good as me. 


Bad Boy Maks.  I had to pay homage to his nice abs.  Zoinks. 

But Dancing with the Stars, has become more of a "Dancing with the Who's?" this season...  outside of David Arquette (rehab and married to Courtney Cox), Ricki Lake (Hairspray and talk shows)  and Chynna Phillips  I only know her because of her great girl band, married to a Baldwin), and Chaz (the girl/boy that just confuses all of us 50 year olds that remember her as the little blonde girl on the sonny cher show) ... the rest of the cast are pretty forgettable.  Sad.  Cause this show used to be really fun. 


House pulled 1st before Castle was even a thought in ABC's head for many seasons.  Greg House was a sarcastic, bitter pill of a hot mess, and I just loved to laugh at his antics.  The cases his team had to solve were interesting, weird and sometimes bittersweet.  It was just a fun, crazy show with some gory thrown in for good cause.   Then Cuddy and House hooked up and ...... the show tanked.  Last season was just a drain.  Amber Tamblyn couldn't save it, even Olivia Wilde came back to try to bring her "13" magic back and ..... hmm....  So, i'm a bit conflicted if I give it the coveted 8 pm spot on my DVR.  I have loyalty, but I also have great doubts they can pull this once great show, out of the toilet.    I will probably give it a couple of weeks to see if Cuddy leaving helps the show, but ????   Should have probably let this one retire with Cuddy and House walking into the sunset, with Wilson in tow, cleaning up the mess.  (I probably should help write these shows)

FOX gave us TERRA NOVA last week, and I'm holding opinion until I see where it goes the next couple of week.  It has a LOST feel to it, and Steven Spielburg is producing it, so it has all the elements. I like the star of it, he was in an interesting show a couple of years ago that didn't make the cut (Flashback) and i liked him a lot.  So I am rooting for it, first of all to see more of him.  The show started off ultra mega cool, then when the stupid know it all teens left the safety of the compound to go drink some moonshine in the midst of the dinosaurs  (You have to see it to understand it), and then get stuck after dark in some rival tribes moonbuggy....  I scratched my armpit and yawned.  What the crap?  Where's the super cool show that started an hour ago??   Hopefully they can keep the kids inside the compound and find what works before they lose the audience.   it's a great premise, and I'll watch again..... just to see....

I have the bar set high for 30 minute sitcoms (Friends, Seinfeld, Married with Children) and there just aren't any that trip my trigger on Mondays.  I gave 2 and a Half Men a chance because of the advent of Ashton Kutcher, but, it fell pretty short for me.  I'll probably give that time up on the dvr for something like House.....


Something I just found just last year, and LOVED beyond anything was NBC's SING OFF

The performers on this show are just outstanding.  I love a cappella singing, and this show is phenomenal.. for example...from last season, one of my most favorite things I have ever seen on tv....

Kip and I watched this Over and Over and Over and Over and Over,  along with this one....

This is music in it's simplest form, and there is nothing SIMPLE about it, and you can't hide behind sound boards, mixers, loud bands, it's just raw talent shining, and I save every week of this show on my dvr, because there are usually one or two songs that bear repeating, many times during the week.  No instruments, just voices, creating the music,  bringing it all to the table.   What a gift, this show. Ben Folds is a dorky nerd judge that can deliver a critique with the kindest of words, and the deal is... he is SPOT on.  The cat knows his music.  Shawn (BackStreet Boys) Stockman is the other guy judge and I love to see him moved.  He beats on the desk, wipes his face, beats on the desk some more, points at them, and takes off his glasses and wipes his eyes.  He ain't Randy Jackson,  "What's up, DAWG".. but he keeps it funny and clicking along.  Nicole Swinginator (I can't remember her last name) left this year, lured to X Factor and Simon Cowell, but some chick name Sarah Bareilles is in her spot, and she has her moments.  She doesn't have to do much, except smile and look good, cause if the groups will just listen to what Ben tells them, that's the best advice, anyway.  Nick Lachey brings the eye candy factor to the emcee position, but even he can't mess this show up.  There are usually 2-3 heartstopping songs on each week, and it's just music for your soul. 

I can't forget CW, and to be truthful, with all the above going on, I sometimes do, and never got into Gossip Girl, but Kip liked it, and Hart of Dixie made it to my DVR, but after watching it this past weekend.... wow.  Bad acting, bad acting, and oh, bad acting, might just make room on my dvr for my other secret favorites.... Hoarders and Intervention (A & E).   I always feel better about myself after watching those shows. 

That's it for now..... Monday night on the tube.....  Lolly's take.    Until Tuesday, keep your dvr's running.....

Sunday, September 25, 2011

People you should Know- Day Sixteen

I love the old saying "You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose".   Well......  Leaving the nose totally out....  I made up my own.... "You can pick your friends, but you are born with your family"  and if you are just lucky enough, you have a terrific family, like I do, and some of your very bestest friends are in that very tight circle, that you call "Your Family".

Today you are going to meet some of my very favorite family.  


Shannon is my cousin.  My mom and her dad were brother and sister.  Her dad was a twin (to a brother), and he had twins and Shannon is one of them.   She is married to Mike, who is like my brother, and I feel compelled to call and talk to at any sign of strife in the world (I figure he will set me straight), and Megan and Paul are Shannon's children with her first husband, Mike has raised them from the time they were tots and as far as they are concerned, he is "Dad" to them, in every way.  Austin is their third child, and he just makes the circle complete.

I loved my baby twin cousins.  I was 9 1/2 in this picture and they had just turned 3.
  I really couldn't get enough of them, EVER.  If I could have had my way, they would have just moved in and lived with me.  I adored them.

They were my own little barbies.  Shannon had the curliest, gorgeous red hair and I would spend hours brushing it and making those cute little pigtails that she is sporting in the above picture.  They were just my favorite things. 

Then Shannon went and grew up and had these little dumplings.   Since she didn't have twins, she opted for the next best thing....babies 10 months apart. 

Then all the sudden, I had two new favorite things.  Paul was the first BOY I had been around and I was his biggest fan.

Actually, Kip was his biggest fan, and couldn't get enough kisses from him, but Megan pulled a close second, in Kip's "fan club".

Lacey loved her some Paul, too!

Shannon and Mike have lived in Italy, Maine, south Texas, and I am so happy that they are finally within spittin distance (south Dallas) and I can get to them in under 4 hours now.  That makes life good. 

Austin and Laynie had a special connection.  There was just something about that ginger top that she really loved. 

This past spring, when we helped with Children's Miracle Network "Wings of Hope" run, the Gaffneys came and joined in the fun  (All except Paul, who is in Okinawa in the military)..  and we really froze our bejeebers off, but made some great lasting memories...  TEAM HOPE FOREVER!~

Before the race, we tanked up on carbs at the "Pasta Party" in El Reno, and listened to Lacey speak.

This team exuded SPIRIT.  I'm telling you.... it was SO COLD that day, it was almost ridiculous.

It didn't slow Mike down. He was the first family member across the finish line in the 5k.

His wife was right behind him, and took FIRST in her age group.   I was one proud cousin!!

 Megan rolled in third in the fam damily, and though she didn't place 1st (like her mama)

she won, hands down, "Most Spirited" with the Sign.....

Austin rolled across the line with style and panache..... I would expect nothing less from him..

Showing off his shirt, and then, in an incredible hulk move, tore off his coat...  only to put it RIGHT back on.

these are people you should really get to know.

They will tell you, that we NEVER EVER get together when the conversation doesn't somehow flow to Poop.  We are so LOUD, and just get louder the longer we are together.  We play games, and talk poop and get loud.  And it doesn't matter if it's only been 15 minutes since we've seen each other, or 15 months.... we never miss a beat.   I love love love these peeps.  I'm happy they are my family, and even better than that, they are my friends.   I love them,  grody poop stories and all, so blessed to call them friends. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

People you Should Know- Day Fifteen

I've decided to rename the Experiment Comment to "PEOPLE YOU SHOULD KNOW", because, well, frankly, you should know all my friends.   And I have something wonderful to share about the majority of them. (and the rest, well, I'll make something up :)  And, well, life is short and I'm not sure everyone of them know how I feel, so hopefully I will have 150 more days (exactly how many people I have to go) and get to tell about all the people I want to talk about. And I don't mean  "Talk about" like Gee, let me tell you this about her, but "Talk about" like, this is the coolest person and you should know them.


I've known this gal since grade school.  She was a hip fashionista even then.  Braces, hair that flipped out, (I so tried to mimic that flip) cool glasses, every hair in place, knee socks and skirts.  She ruled the playground.  She was a couple of years older than me, so I always sat in awe when she rolled around where I could see her.  She and I shared the same piano teacher growing up, and sat through many piano recitals together, or I would have been a little tiny blip on her radar of life growing up.  As it was, we actually bonded (even though she was far more mature than I) and became friends.  She was a cheerleader, bookworm, outgoing social butterfly of the highest magnitude, and I always admired her with all my heart.

I, of course, am talking about my sweet friend, Shelley Swope Wall.

Fact about her that might have been forgotten, she was Miss Shawnee 1979.  I somehow thought I could navigate the pageant circuit for one insane moment in 1980, (between people pushing me to play the piano and sing my one and only song I've ever written, and my desire to win a scholarship so I could go to college) I found myself walking that lit stage.  Shelley had managed to walk that stage  (face it, THAT girl's WHOLE life is a stage), and was the reigning Miss Shawnee.  She cracked me up, everyday during that tumultous two week period that was the Miss Shawnee pageant.  I would love to say I earned the coveted crown from her, but the truth was, I didn't even place.  But I did get something that was just as cool, in my eyes,  Miss Congeniality.   Funny truth, my neighbor called me the day after the pageant and said  "Laura, it's so much better to be nice, than pretty".  Sigh.  Don't I know that one.  Shelley had the combination of both, beautiful inside and out. 

After that I ran into her in Shawnee over the next few years, and she is one tough, resilient gal.  She fought and beat skin cancer, and married one of Shawnee's coolest men.  They just celebrated their 30th anniversary this past December and took their 2 kids and respective others with them on a cruise. 

This is why I love her, we are both crazy and would do anything to crack up our kids

I had reconnected with Shelley, on a day to day basis, through facebook, and we had become good friends, her even making the trip to Norman to meet Miss Laynie.  The day I got the call, November 3, 2009 that Laynie had been admitted to the ER, I was in Shawnee working and had to make that blinding, paralyzing drive to Children's Hospital .  I remembered that Shelley had said, "Call me anytime", and sometimes people say that, and you know they kind of mean it, Well, Shelley meant it.   I called her on her cell, and she was sitting down to eat at Abuelita's in Shawnee, and she excused herself from the table, and went outside the restaurant and prayed with me, all the way to the city.  I didn't experience one moment of panic or worry, because Shelley prayed it all away, on that 40 minute drive.   Some friends are precious gifts. 

 I haven't gotten the pleasure to spent much time with Tanner, her son, but I know he is a funny man, and I like that a bunch.  I have had the priviledge of meeting Kelsey, and she is one talented, precious heart-ed person.  She and Shelley were 2 of Laynie's biggest fans, and Kelsey ran in Laynie's run this past March and took 1st in the 15k.  It was sooo cold that day, that I think I finally thawed out last week.  After a summer of 100 degree days, that can give you a small indicator of just how cold it was that day, that it took a summer of 63 consecutive 100 degree days to thaw me out,  and that girl kicked it in the face. 

They are all OSU graduates, and the Pokes biggest fans, and I do believe if you cut any of this families fingers, they will bleed orange.  I absolutely dig that about them.

Shelley raised herself some wonderful kiddos, and was a huge support to me at Laynie's funeral.  She gave me arms to fall into when I needed a hug, and a reassuring rub on the back, when I wasn't sure I could go any further that day.

Shelley has been a wonderful voice in my day to day life. That is what you call a sister.  She will forever be Miss Shawnee to me.  She's beautiful inside and out, and I treasure her.

Restless Pursuit

Sunday Craig preached (and it was some GOOD preachin') on Nehemiah.  He challenged his churches to become leaders.  One thing that stood out to me was when he said  "Real leaders work, while the others sleep".  It's been so weird to me that I have been waking up (fully awake) at 5:30 am.  I had been racking it up to old/middle age, but in truth, it's been God working in me to GET UP OUT OF THE DANG BED AND WRITE YOUR STUFF.  It's that easy. 

He challenged us to think about what we want to do and put it in a simple mission plan and go after it.  What breaks your heart?  What makes you want to do something?  What can you not idly by and watch anymore?   Bullying?  Child Abuse?  Domestic Violence?   Animal Cruelty?  Elder abuse?  Drug addiction?  What breaks your heart???

I was sickened at myself that I didn't have a ready answer.  I am so desensitized to the problems of the world, because the news screams it, the papers write about it, the people turn their heads and walk on, the world is SO broken.   Free will has broken this world. 

We sit in our air conditioned houses, eating take out food, worrying about the boat payment.  And if you are squirming, good.  It took me losing EVERYTHING, to understand the value of having LITTLE. 

I read through Habbukuk last night, and was overwhelmed.  I used to use the excuse, "Nothing in that bible makes sense to me, it's a bunch of thee's and thou's and whilst's, and it just doesn't apply to today".   Pssshhhh.   Poppycock.   It was an EXCUSE to not read it.   AN EXCUSE.   The answers to every one of my problems lay in the book buried in my basket by my bed.   I struggled, worried, deliberated, fought, hated, controlled everything in my world...... and it got me NOTHING.  I showed up at church, listened to the music, paid my tithe and went home and lived my life.  I expected God to do the miraculous things he does, but I wasn't willing to get to know him. 

How many of you read in the papers that a rich person dies, and then all the sudden all these people show up for their "Inheritance".  "Hey, I was related to him.... hey, my mom was his sister.......I DESERVE some of the riches!"    I see or read that, and I'm like..... "Why should they get any of that inheritance??  They didn't show up and wipe that dead person's nose.  They didn't show up and help when he needed it.."  Basically, you show up for the good stuff, but you have no day to day relationship.   Why in the world do you think you are entitled to this dead man's kingdom??

That was me.  Believing that the bare minimum of contact with God would be enough.  I can't believe I used to boast and say  "I may be a bag lady in heaven, but I'm going to be there". And as gracious and loving as our Father is, it might be enough to just be a "bag lady".   But when I roll down the kingdom of heaven, I want to know the stories, I want to be intimately acquainted with the people there.    I want to run up to Abraham and say  "Grandfather!"  and probably follow it with  "You were DANG OLD when you started having kids, and THANK YOU"   I want to find Nehemiah and tell him that he inspired me to be a better leader.   Reach people and help them start fixing all the broken things in their life by simply fixing the gate in their own front yard.    The wall of Jerusalem had been destroyed for over 100 years.  One man, Nehemiah, said, "That's it, I can't stand it, I have to fix it" .... he enlisted the people of the city to help him  (They had walked by that broken wall for years, doing nothing about it and just let it become a part of their life) and challenged them to   "FIX the wall directly in front of your home.... and don't be a slug about it, because just think...when this wall is finished and all the rest of your neighbors have built a solid tall, inpenetrable wall, you won't want to be the one neighbor that threw his up, and all the attacking armies use your wall".....   That was herd mentality thinking at it's finest.   Tell one to do it, and they all will.  I work best in herd mentality.  It's true.

People.  I cannot believe I wasted 50 years getting to this real truth.  Seek God in everything.  Do life with a prayer in your heart and His will for you foremost.  I understand that this might be something that is so foreign to you (like eating cheese for me), that you are going, I DON"T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO START!  It's easy....  pray with me ..    "God, work Your will in my life, and let my eyes stay on You".    That's a good start.  And go dig your bible out of the basket beside your bed.  And get started.  Don't use excuses like I did for YEARS to not read the bible.   Instead, embrace it and start getting to know your great uncle's best friend's Uncle Jesus, cause he already died to save you,  and before YOU are gone, put in the time to really, really know Him.

Life finally makes sense to me. And it was smack dab in front of me all these years.  Just restlessly pursue God.  He will open your eyes and give you peace. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

People You Should Know- Day Fourteen part 2

I have such a huge variety of friends on my wall it's amazing.  I broke 1000 friends this week and Hallie said "There is NO way you know that many people".   It's kind of crazy, but YES, I do know, personally, the majority of people on my page.  There are a few, that are monumental Laynie followers, that I've gotten to know through her, but for the most part, probably 950 of them, I know purty good.  Where they live, what food they eat, that kind of stuff. 

I want you to meet one of them, because you may be in need of his services. 

Isn't it so funny how timing is everything?  And how when you really get to digging about someone that you usually have a friend in common.  Or they are relatives to someone you know.  Or they went to school with you brother's ex-wife's cousin??  It's just a weird, Kevin Bacon'ish six degrees of separation type dealio. 

I was working at home when my phone rang one day, and I had been mulling in my head that I needed to get new insurance.  I didn't even know my agent, and I felt that my rates were way high, and I just wanted to feel "IN CONTROL'.  (whatever).    So of course, my phone rings and it's some bubbly person on the other end asking if I'd like to get an insurance quote, and could her agent come over.  Well, hello, Serendipity.  Please do. 

Enter John Willeford. 

Now, he is about the cutest thing on the planet, since cute started years ago.  If you look up the word, CUTE in the dictionary, I'm pretty sure that John Willeford's picture is stinkin' right there.  He is just that CUTE.

And the fact that once he got to my house, I found out he was married to one of Lacey's friends from HS, Ashley, and her mom, Teresa, was a fellow "Oldie but goodie" mommy at my old church in HS (in other words, we gave birth to babies when we were probably "Past our Prime", she going for broke and having TWINS at almost 40).  So I'm already a fan, because I love his wife, and in-laws.

So, I gave all my insurance to John  (not that it was a ton, but he got me lock, stock and barrel).  Then he got Lacey, and my mom, and finally rounded up the family with my brother.  So, I'd pretty much say, our wagons are hitched to his star. 

Because he and Ashley are the "Cute" definition in the only goes to expect that their daughter, Paisley, should be one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen.  I mean, really.  REALLY.   Really really. 

She just celebrated her third birthday and I think she is the most friendly little girl and a living doll.

John is a fabulous daddy.  He is hands on, and spends as much time as he can with his two girls.  It makes my heart happy to see this family.   They mean a lot to our family.... and here's why. 

Now I don't promise that he will give you this kind of service, but John hasn't just been a fly by when it has come to our family stuff.  He was one of Laynie's most ardent admirers.   Ashley and Teresa (her mom), came to the hospital when Laynie was born and stood over her in the NICU and cried with me.  They brought the most precious little girl outfits and stood with us in the determined "She will make it" stance, that so many of our friends brought to us during those few difficult weeks after her birth. 

John showed up at blood drives, gave blood at blood drives, and solidly passed out at blood drives.  He was my hero.

I knew he was going down, because I know all the signs.  THat's usually me in that position, so it makes me happy it was someone else.   But the Willeford's were there, that's all that matters.

Then, I introduced John to Scentsy and he singlehandedly got me promoted to director.  The dude LOVES scentsy.  He gave scentsy to everyone in his office and got them hooked, he gave it to all the females in his family and got them hooked, and he has been instrumental in keeping me in scentsy since I started.  He is my scentsy guru.   Gotta love a man secure enough in his manhood, to love him some scentsy. 

Then his willingness to run, in the freezing cold, at Laynie's run, this past March. 
He also sponsored her tshirts and is one of the reasons we got them for such a great price. 

I can't say enough good things about this guy and his sweet girls.  The Willefords are family to us, and we hold them in such a close, loving spot.  I highly recommend John for your insurance needs.   He is someone you can trust, and depend on..... and that is very very rare in this ole world. 

John knows me pretty well, because his comment on my experiment was  "Just what in the HECK are you up to now?".   He was just hoping it wouldn't involve a roof claim.  (inside joke).  

Farmer's  -  John Willeford..... google him and let him start being your friend and agent....he's a Keeper. 

Fellow Grandmas - Day Fourteen

I had fallen off the map on the comment experience, and I find myself with some time this afternoon, so I am going to make up for lost time.  So YES, I AM BACK with the fun and anticipated COMMENT EXPERIENCE blogs....

The next three ladies don't know each other, but all three of them are grandmas and ROCK their facebook pages with comments about their grandkids, or pictures of their grandkids and I am here to tell you, they are 3 terrific grannies. 

Their comments were all so sweet ....  "My nutty friend" ......   "I saw you at church on Sunday" ..... and  "I love your posts".

So no fun pictures to go with those comments, just a big ole  "AWWWWW' my friends rock my world, and without further ado.....

Grandma Blog.

So to start out with , I will tell you about Alesia Almand Reed.  Lisa lives in Las Vegas, and we went to school together back in the HS days.  We have connected back through FB, and I have enjoyed seeing her family and getting to "Reacquaint" myself with my younger classmates  (she's a couple of years younger).. :)

She is Grammy to Brayden and I think he is the cutest pinchy cheek little bubba I have ever seen. 

This one made my day when she posted it the other day.   I dig guys that wear hats.  Yes I do. 

Next is a friend from when I was first selling AVON, back when I was in college.  I was a maniac then.  I worked at the Library, worked at 7-11 on the weekends, went to college full-time at SJC, and sold Avon for giggles.  Beverly Banning  lived on Center street, and took pity on me knocking on doors, and let me in.  She bought a bang load of AVON from this broke college student and I will forever thank her for it.  We reconnected on Facebook also, and she has been a HUGE prayer warrior for me.  We are sisters all the way to our toes, when it comes to prayer and knowing who has us.  SISTERS. 

She is MiMi to two of the sweetest faces ever.  Kinley is the princess, and Carter is the Prince of the Banning family.

Kinley was three here, so this has been a while back, but really??  Who doesn't love a woman in RED?  Precious.

And I don't know about you, but the messier a baby gets while they are eating, the more successful I feel about the whole meal experience.  I mean, really, when you drop food all over your shirt, haven't you ENJOYED your meal??  Carter is happy about everything food in this picture, and I just LOVE it. 

Last, but certainly not least in my Grandma post today, is  Tammy George.   Tammy has 5 kids.  2 sons and 3 daughters.  2 of those daughters did Pom Pon in high school with my daughters.  We have walked through the fire of Pom and came out virtually unscathed.  Only pom moms will understand this description.  And, hoo boy, they will.   I don't know Tammy's boys or her oldest daughter Amber very well, but I know her two babies, Jennifer and Robyn, and they are very close to Lolly's heart.  Jennifer was Lacey's first car wreck, in HS, when she drove her Mazda 3 up under a bus when it's lights didn't work and Jen was bringing Lacey home from pom.  She was also her mentor, and dear friend, and helped her learn to do proper toe touches, by making her do 100 in a row in our back yard.  That's a real friend.   Robyn was Miss Personality Plus, and one thing about Robyn, you always knew where you stood.  No grey area whatsoever.  I love that about the George women.   Tammy has a bunch of family.   Just Look for yourself.
I don't know where they were going in their lookalike shirts, but they just make me smile looking at them.  Tammy lost a son when he was just out of HS to cancer, and it was one of the hardest things that family had faced.  He left behind a son, that they all cherish, so his life lives on.  Amber has two children, Jennifer has two girls, and Robyn has two girls... So that is one family of cheer and pom waiting to happen. 

I have to admit, Tammy George is one hot granny. 

Look at these precious angels.  There is another girl now, not in this pic, so her quiver is FULL.

Recently, Tammy was running Gracie to school, because she had forgotten a book, and they were just traveling down Westminster, when a truck crossed the divider line in the road and caused Tammy to take a direct hit.  In a split second, she had to assess what was happening, make a decision to go off the road (ravine) and chance taking Gracie's life, or take the hit head on into her door and put her own life at risk.  She didn't even flinch as she took the truck head on into her side, and broke fingers on her hand, holding Gracie to safety on her side.  Grandma's instinct.  Grandma's love.  Selfless, unending, unwavering, she took the hit. 
She suffered a broken back and several other injuries, but I'm happy to report, back at home, back on facebook, ready to face another day  (when she gets released from her house).  Angels surrounded her and Gracie that day.  I just want to tell you.  Angels were present. 

Fun side story.  Gracie is 10.  She is George through and through.  Most of the time, police don't take statements from kids, but she was so dead on from what happened, with exact details, he decided to take her statement.  She started with   "THAT IDIOT, crossed the line into my nana's side and HIT us dead on".  (I can just see her, all bowed up, with that hand on her hip, telling him what for)  Oh, I love me some George women. 

Grandmas rock.  We had no idea when we were growing up, how much fun it was going to be being a gma.