Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Sunday, August 6, 2017

The BEAST has been Slain- Week 5

I knew Thursday, August 3rd was the day that "The gates of heaven would open, and the volleyball vans would come and get them".... but what I didn't know (nor did they) that on August 2, ONE DAY EARLY... the vans arrived and drove them away from the Basic Training better known as BEAST.

I just cried my face off when I heard that.  Then an unknown number appeared on my cell phone, and lo and behold it was my New Cadet Hembree getting her 3rd phone call!

All. Is. Well. With. My World.

From what I understand, they had to turn in weapons, do some paperwork, re-take their physicals, Hallie had to have her toe x-rayed for the zillionth time (to get fully released to play, that didn't happen, btw) and then they were showered with love, snacks and good wishes from the older girls on the team, and I was one happy mama.

She. Did. It.

Now her world is going to look a little different until A day on the 19th.  She will be practicing volleyball three times a day (hopefully getting released next week on toe deal), and weight training in between.  Right now she is resting, as all of them are, because come Tuesday (monday they are taking pictures for the website and team stuff) it's GAME ON beast mode, Volleyball training, and the coach needed them 100%, and seriously, they were at about 10% coming out of beast.  Sleep deprived, hungry, physically and mentally exhausted.  She gave them 4 days to get it together, and then BOOM, it's all her doing the mental and physical training.  (She is 9 months pg, due like today, so I'm not sure how much she will be doing).  Hallie is READY.

Heard from her today for a sec, and seriously,  "I'm kind of bored."

I guess after having every second of every minute of every hour of every day, packed full of impossible things to do, a few minutes to lay on a mattress and look at the ceiling, trying to rest your body would be "Boring".

I like boring, personally.  I LOVE to be bored.

I also found out that this tank has gained 8 pounds of muscle mass.  "I'm not fat though mom".

Oh, Ok.  I really thought you would be.    NOT.

On August 14, all the cadets will be marching back from Buckner (where they do their field training) and move into the barracks (Army's version of dorm rooms), and get ready for classes.  They will get their ipads, computers, and best of all, THEIR CELL PHONES!  Seeing her face whenever she can call, will be such a blessing (for her AS well as for me!)

So, Thank you friends, for the LETTERS (She got SO MANY!) and the well wishes.  After August 19, she can get boxes of BOODLE (which is anything you think she would enjoy, like cookies, lip gloss, iTunes cards, more cookies, etc).  She loves everything except peanut butter.  Wouldn't like anything peanut butter.  :)   Send them to her PO Box and she will forever love it and be grateful.  (She LOVES HER SOME SNACKS NOW)

As for this mama, PHEW, she made it!  

Praise the LORD almighty, and pass them potatoes.  The Beast is Slain.

Let the volleyball season begin.   Some games are livestreamed on the West Point website.  Look it up.  Her picture will show up on the roster in a few weeks time (#6 I believe)  :)   WOOHOO

Black Knights Volleyball Schedule 2017

                                                               GO    ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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