Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Life.Church comes to Norman

After almost 15 years of driving almost 45 minutes (at least) each way to attend church, imagine my delight and surprise when about this time last year, it was announced that NORMAN, OKLAHOMA would be getting their own


When Lacey started at UCO in 2002, she started attending Lifechurch in OKC (NW 178th & Penn).  She had gone a few times and said, "Mom, you gotta come up here and check this out."

One time in and I was sold out.   I drove to OKC campus for about 3+ years, meanwhile, Lacey was part of the staff at OKC, then moved to Edmond campus (SE 2nd st & I-35, you know the BIG CROSS) to take a position there.  I have met so many amazing friends during those first 7 years, they were big influences in my Christian walk for sure.  I attended back and forth between OKC & Edmond until the Midwest City campus was opened, and then attended there.  Later, Shawnee was opened and with Tyler on staff, and my grandson heading to the Garden every week, that's where you could find me and my tribe.   We visited Moore and SW OKC, but never really found our "home" there.

So, you can see why having a Lifechurch practically in my backyard seemed so huge to me!!!!

Fast Forward to today.   Opening day and HELLO....let's DO THIS.

Never mind the dozen or so chins that I have in this picture.  The girls tell me to aim the camera from above for selfies, but I am just NOT the sharpest tool in the shed in all things photoraphy.


It's 7:45 am.  Gina is running for the Lifekids hall so she can serve in a kids room.  Zachary has his three (count them, 3) tags on for the three services he is just about to marathon in.   Steven and I are jumping outside at the front doors, yelling WELCOME to all the people coming to the 8:30 am service.  Today, it was a bit rainy and overcast (perfect weather for "Oh, let's stay home), but instead, we had NEW FAMILIES head to lifechurch and Steven and I got to welcome them.  What a fun job.  On the opposite door was a new friend, Brittany (from Slaughterville) whom I had met last Thursday at the Core Group meeting.  She and her husband sat behind me, and I guess she watched me video the worship team and asked me to send her a copy.  So, bang, new friend.  How thrilled I was to see her and her sweet daughters, opening the doors right out front with me  (I promise I am going somewhere with this).  Her husband was inside directing traffic and I hadn't met him yet at this point.  After the traffic dies down, Steven and I go in and sit down beside TJ (her husband) and visit with him a bit.  She comes in with the girls and I take their picture.  (I do better with other people in the picture than myself).   So, we bonded.   She couldn't shake me out of her head (WHO CAN, I ASK?) and she totally stalked me on the Host team page and found me.  She sent me a text later that read, "I looked you up on the host team page.  I had to find you!  I love your spunkiness!   (Side note:  That's a nice way of putting YOU ARE LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS)  We have a couple of friends in common!  Thanks again for the video.  After seeing some pics I've come to realize this is a small world!  (Ok, PEOPLE GET READY)  Are you Laynie's grandmother? I still have my hopeforlaynie bracelet.  I donated blood several times in her name.

WHAT!!??? and then sent me this picture.

Small world nothing!  GOD IS GOOD.

So, Laynie is still rocking and rolling and bringing people together.  That is what I am talking about!

Served at the 10am service in Lifekids, checking in NEW families, and let me just tell you.  They SHOWED UP.

Still checking in families pretty strong at 11:30, when Viv (the lifekids pastor) said, "GO TO CHURCH."  (kind of bossy) :)   Steven and I went in to find a seat and to our complete AMAZEMENT....there WERE NO SEATS!  Auditorium holds 1000 and EVERY SEAT WAS FULL.  They sat chairs up in the lobby and about 50 people sat out there!   IT WAS JUST A BEAUTIFUL thing!

But here's the icing on the cake for me.  Over 2500 people came to church today.  33 people were baptized !!  But hold on to your hat.....68 people raised their hands and gave their life to the Lord.   SIXTY EIGHT people.  At 1130 when I was there, we were all just clapping our hands together and cheering as the hands went up ALL OVER THE PLACE.  It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed.

When people say they are uninspired at church, or religion is boring, or God doesn't have a place for them, then they have never been to a Lifechurch.

God loves you where you are.  There is NOTHING you can do to make him not love you.  If you live in the Norman area, and you think church isn't a "thing" you can get into..... I'm asking you to just come once to our church.  Just once.  If you don't see a difference, feel a difference, then I won't ever bug you again.

But if you are longing for something else, if you feel something is missing in your life, if you are so overburdened with the weight of the world and feel like you can't go another step....I'm asking you to come over and have a donut and a cup of coffee (or sweet tea) and just see for yourself.  

That's all I'm asking.

Because God is Good, All the Time...... and Norman, Ok (and Shawnee, and OKC, and MWC, and Yukon, and Mustang, and South OKC, and Moore, and Britton Rd, and Tulsa (several), and many other states (go to the website Life.Church) and find you a campus.)  is inviting you to come and WITNESS for yourself.

What have you got to lose?

Lifechurch Link

Go online and watch a message.  Watch today's message (Different).... It's powerful and maybe just what you need.

Whoever finds God,  Finds Life.

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