Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Finding Strength

I was sitting in a lunch meeting today when my phone rang with an outside number I didn't recognize. I have learned to answer any call from any number at any time, just in case it's Hallie.

It was.


My heart raced out of my chest.  

"They think I have a stress fracture in my foot".


"Well, kid, I can't say it isn't expected. You have a big broken toe. Everything you do is geared to NOT put weight on that broken toe.  You're going to be ok."

Cue the crying.

On both ends.

Her concerns.....

-she will be out for the entire season
-she will look like a wimp to her teammates
-she absolutely HATES crutches
-she feels completely 100% alone in this

So here I am, 1 million miles away, in a lunch meeting, so how do I comfort her, "Call your sister and call me later in the day".

I have never felt so helpless in my entire life.  I know she's grown and all, but I'm 56 and my mom still introduces me as "her baby".  So I get it.

This is the kid that taped her broken toe and conquered beast.  This is the kid that never let a rolled ankle stop her from playing volleyball....ever.  She cannot stand to be hurt or stand out as "different". Of all the things in the world that could be "worst case scenario" for's this.

So she's on a bike riding, and lifting weights for her upper body until Tuesday, when they can get an MRI and see what is going on.  I'm praying for something small that can heal lickety split.

But mainly I'm praying to give me the words to say to my heartsick daughter when she calls me again.  I know God has her plan.  I know that everything in this world happens for a reason.  I know that His way is Perfect.  I know all this.  But when you are standing in the middle of a storm, it's really hard to believe that His way is perfect.  All you see is the storm.

So I need everyone to pray with me that she has some peace in all this.  She got the deal done.  She is in West Point no matter if it's in a boot and on crutches, or full out playing volleyball, we don't have to worry at this point of being sent home.

Now we heal.  I. Can't. Even. begin to think of her on crutches very long at's a mile walk to everything.  Crutches are going to be a bear.

Pray warriors.  Pray for healing and emotional fortitude.  Specific prayers.

God's got this, and I need her to believe it too.

Thanks and love.

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