Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Bearing the Beast of "Burden"- Wk 4

After our excellent call a week ago, I was completely ready to roll through August 3 with no contact.


Then I saw a post of the Parents Page on facebook that we should "KEEP our phones charged and ringers up this weekend, FOR A QUICK call".

Well I did that.   I had my phone charged, and ringer UP.

I was distracted, moody and somewhat of a mess.  I KNEW we were in the final weeks and we wouldn't be talking.  Did I know she wouldn't write ONE THING TO ME LAST WEEK?

Well.  She.  Did.  Not.

Maybe it was because she was so busy being gassed in the tear gas chamber (nicknamed House of tears) she couldn't write me.   Here are pics from that glorious event

She could have at least written me and said  "Dearest Momsie, this is the worst summer camp you have ever sent me to!  Love, Hallie"

But nothing.  Shelly Walker got a letter from her son Cade Mashburn (from Edmond) and a great pic on the website....

Cade is on the left, looking to be copying off his fellow squad members notes. LOL

Traci Greer, another mom from Muskogee, heard from her son, Jack.  TWO BOYS WROTE THEIR MOMS.  DID my girl write hers???   Oh no, she didn't.  

I did get this after her mass athletics the other night.  I examined every square inch of that picture and decided she needs to sit up straight and she has some bruises.  I also appreciated that they had their hair in ponytails, which much be a huge relief for her to be able to let it down occasionally.

Today, they marched out (8 miles) to go to the final two weeks of their training.  They passed the class of 2020, doing their run in from 12 miles (heard that is tough, I.can.t.even.) and the camaraderie and good wishes being yelled at the new cadets (2 more weeks!  You've got this!  Finish strong!) coming from cadets that JUST RAN 12, no words.  

So here's the picture I saw on IG this morning.  Just happened upon a new page that I hadn't been stalking, er, admiring....  and   BOOM, there's my kid.  

So you can totally tell the difference between Kip's research- (with typing and arrow) and my finger painting and terrible handwriting.  Bailey is the 6-4 middle blocker volleyball player, you can't even see Monica, except her hair whispies and one eyeball of Hallie.  Directly in front of Hallie is her friend Nick (who I found first because he is 6-7) and I knew Jack had to be close by and yep, there he was.  So in this picture, they are clearly NOT in formation because everyone of them are in different squads.  But, in my sadness of not talking to my girl (even for a minute), there was proof of life (as Traci calls it) in the PICTURE OF OUR KIDS.  YES.  

It's the little thing people.  I love that whispie in the background.  For Hallie, this Thursday will mark the end of her training with her squad in the field.  She will head back to WP and get busy training for volleyball season.  I'm hoping she gets her phone back (a personal hope, a small one, a genie wish, if you will) and we can at least text or something.  It won't be long until she has her phone back for real (August 14) and then HALLELUJAH, let the phone calls begin.

I say all this, though, in all seriousness, even when I am whining about missing my Hal, I think about my precious cousin, Shannon, and how she would give everything in the world she owns to be able to talk/see/text her sweet Austin.  She wouldn't whine that she only gets to see him 4 weeks a year, she would be thrilled, so even in saying how bad I miss Hallie....there is no comparison.  So I am thankful, OH SO THANKFUL that I will be talking to her in a few days.  (P.S.  Shannon I love you so, and how your heart must ache.  I can't believe it will be 5 years he's been in heaven,  this Labor Day.  I just admire and love you so).

With that said.   Keep it in perspective you dumb weirdo mom (bordering on hovercrafter) and hang in there.  

At least I didn't have to go in the gas chamber.

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