Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Day Before

Hallie headed up to West Point this morning via the train with her sister Chaurley and her husband, Danny and her brother Corey.

I got a text from Chaurley mid-morning stating something like, "I just heard a speech that was so good, I want to sign up now!"

A volleyball picnic, and ice cream social later, they left my girl and made their way back to NYC.

Tomorrow morning at 6 am she reports.

I will tell you her anxiety level has been off the charts this week.  She's been up, she's been down, she's been all over the board.

Now that she has finally stepped foot on the hallowed grounds of West Point, she is at peace.

I can tell from just talking to her on our last phone call together tonight, how confident and at peace she is.

And that makes me feel so happy.  It's from all the thousands of prayers going up for her.  I firmly believe that.

Earlier in the week, she had told me, as her friends were freaking out because they were just leaving and she had been there a couple of days already.   She said, "This coming early has been good, mom.  All my core memories have already turned blue."

If you've seen Inside Out, you will know what that means.  You can always count on me and my girls to reference some sort of movie quote, and or line for almost every situation.  We are groovy like that.
 Anyway, her confidence is back.  Now if we can just get her through the next two weeks without that almost healed toe breaking again, she should be home free.  Or not really.  She will be good to go, let's just say that.

She's feeling good right now, but her phone goes in the morning.  She would LOVE for you guys to send her LETTERS.  Here was her instagram from this morning.

She would love love LOVE a letter of encouragement or FUNNY or TV show news.  Shaking my head.   I taught her all the important things.

New Cadet Hallie L. Hembree
PO Box 1732
West Point, New York 10097-1732

Love you guys, thanks for carrying me through my crazy this week.

God's got my girl, and He loves her more than I do, so this deal is going to go great.

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