Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Finding the Humor Where I can

My blogs may be a bit redundant for all on Hallie watch but I am determined to keep a day by day blog of how we handled all of this "Beast" stuff for her to read when it is over and done.  And since she refuses to be on Facebook (even though she has a page), this will be the only way for her to know what was going on during her time away.

Today is Wednesday, July 5.  From what Hallie & I tried to learn before she left to go, everything she was told was Day 1 & 2 are the hardest, just get through those.  It will be interesting to know if that was true or not, but for the mom at home, I'm hoping that is true.

I couldn't help myself.  That totally could be the West Point version of the Abbey Road album cover.  Those of you too young to know what I'm talking about...

So anyhoo.  Today was weird.  I would be great in spurts and then bawl my face off.  The good thing is all the other moms are going through the exact same emotions.  For the most part.  One mom actually wrote "I had to mow the lawn so I missed him there".   WOW.

In my Waldo search of pictures today, I only found one, but it was a dandy, and also part of the slide show the parents were presented at their parent meeting on R day.

Look at that form.  Look at that outfit.   LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT BACKPACK!  I'm proud of her for being able to stand there!   Whoa.

So, in keeping with my super sleuth Daughter, Kip.... I sent this picture to her and she immediately text me back and said...  (I KID YOU NOT)   "That's Dylan Allen that Hal is saluting to in that pic, mom, her 1st commanding officer (or whatever) whose in charge of D.  Remember they announced him and Sarah Meier."

OK.  That leveled her up YET AGAIN in the WHERE's WALDO game we all play.  Not only does she find obscure things, she KNOWS TOTAL STRANGER'S NAMES.

WHOLE NEW LEVEL for this one.

Found this gem also.  I'm telling you I weeded through about 1000 pictures looking for faces I recognize (like 7 so far).  I have to appreciate this one.  I love the fact they make them all wear grandpa shoes and socks (you know, like the ones grandpa mows in) with their training clothes.  Hallie's are currently 3 sizes too big to fit that stupid broken mess toe, so I'm thinking that's all God on that anyway because the extra span in the front of the shoe will help balance her with that small house she is carrying on her back.  She has to wear two socks and three layers of moleskin and 2 innersoles in the left foot and the right foot is just groovy.  Laughing thinking about it.

Surely one day this will be funny, right?

Speaking of albums with pictures, for those of you crazy stalker types with oodles of times of your hands, here are the three flickr albums you can peruse and look for pictures for me.  As I have gone back to work, I only stalk about 20 minutes a day, as opposed to the 23 hours and 12 minutes of the last 2 days.  Knock yourself out, and be sure and tag me when you find one.

And another great thing.  What their company names are!!!!  Hallie is a........ DUCK.  I was feeling rather sorry for my little duck, until I saw what she could have been, like a GUPPY, or a Gopher, so she can be a Duck.  Which was Lacey's first word, so how sweet is that?   (See how I turned that around there?)

And if you think you're a busy person, and your schedule is SOOOOOOO full, you can't cram another thing in your day?????  Take a look at this basic training schedule for these cadet candidates. And quit feeling sorry for yourself, you slacker.  YOU DO NOTHING in a day, compared to this.  And you can call your MAMA or your DADDY or your SISTER anytime during your busy day.  Not these kids.   Let's just wake up and not have a minute until 10 pm.  I'm tired just reading it.

This made me happy for a minute when I saw it on one of the million Facebook pages I now frequent.  Seeing these worn out cadets sitting down together and NOT CARRYING a PACK the size of New Jersey made me feel relief for them. Look of the sea of bald heads.  I mean, really.  I have a hard time finding the guys now, because, seriously, they all look pretty much the same.  WHICH WAS THE POINT.  I get it.

 And it's just hair?? RIGHT?  I also heard today that the medical cuts were made yesterday, and unless she is walking home and didn't call me, I'm thinking she made it.  (PRAISE).  I also know that they got 2 hours tonight to go to the church service of their choice, and she better have not gone to the MORMON church for the PIZZA.   Jesus take the wheel.

Friends, I'm trying to find the humor in this today.  I'm trying to do whatever I need to do, to keep my hair from falling out.

She's got this.  

And so do I.

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