Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Thursday, June 29, 2017


It's 4 am.  When I woke up, God was in my ear again, just like the days of Laynie.

I have struggled and struggled with the "WHY" of Hallie breaking her toe.   Why God, WHY? and this morning he brought me the answers I was seeking.

Hallie was in full out beast mode, bad ass training.  She was going to go roaring into WP, in top condition, and kick some serious butt, knowing God, but forgetting she could trust in in ALL things.

Now she's limping in, broken, solely leaning on God's strength.

I have blogged more over the last few days, and felt God front and center again.

I wasn't there anymore.  Oh sure, I still loved God and knew where my future will be, but a relationship?  A minute to minute, restore my soul, and make me whole relationship?   I was sliding away from Him.  Distracted, busy, blow and go all the live long day.

Friends, don't let your trials define you.  Let your trials lead you to the ONLY one who can restore you.

Jesus Loves Me This I know.  For the BIBLE tells me so.  Little ones TO HIM BELONG...
        THEY ARE WEAK..............but HE is Strong.

That song isn't talking about little ones being children only, In this big ole GIANT universe, we ARE the little ones, and only with HIM are we made strong.

Lean into Jesus.  He will get you through whatever you are struggling with.

I was so caught up in the honor of going to WP that I forgot the only way she and I will get through this deal is on our knees, letting HIM lead us through.

One broken toe and a million prayers from my friends on my behalf later, clarity.

Hallie will do this deal.  But now she will do it in God's pocket, all the way.  And so will her Momma.

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