Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Weekend of Goodbyes

Hallie decided she wanted to have a small gathering of close friends for her final Saturday in Oklahoma, and I was happy to oblige her.

Even typing "Last Saturday", I'm starting to have tears on my face.

I mean, seriously, if you know me well, I've been talking about Hallie leaving since she was a kid.  My friend Janis was over visiting one day, and we were talking about wood floors.  I was all, "I want to put in wood floors and get rid of this nasty carpet."  to which the always present Hallie laments, "I hate wood floors."  to my, "You don't get a say, you will be gone in like 4 years."  to her disgusted reply, "Mom, I'm 11".

Hallie & Janis

I said that what seems like yesterday, and that day has come.   Still have the grody carpet, too.  But my girl played some volleyball instead, and all those big wishes for my life, have come true, in the form of her going to the most incredible opportunity on earth for college.   So I will live on carpet, in my little tiny mansion, and keep on keeping on, and this kid will get to go achieve some big stuff.

And maybe have a home someday with wood floors, so I can come live with her.

We had all her favorite things today, cake, ice cream, popcorn, m&m's and friends.  Lots of friends.  We took down addresses and hugged necks and Laughed and Laughed.

We recalled good times and memories made, and all the time that was happening, I smiled and smiled, when my heart felt like it might just explode into a zillion pieces.

As I looked around at the variety of friends that came to bid Hal adieu today, I marveled at the wonderfulness that is Hallie.

She had her very first friend she made when we moved to Norman here.  And her volleyball friends from High School.  And volleyball friends from Club.  And Club coaches and  volleyball moms.

It was special, and oh so sosososososososososososo bittersweet for me.  Lacey wouldn't sit near me today, because if we got close to each other, we set each other off in an onslaught of tears.

I just keep telling myself, she's going to college.  Everyone goes to college.  It's not a big deal.  She's going to college.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

 Hal and Marissa Lane.  Friends since 3rd grade. 
 Hallie and Ana were in prenursing classes together this year.  Ana also was one of our friends in Alabama.  
 Kassidy Miller, Hallie, Stormy Moffitt and Maddy Hawley.  
More friends since 3rd grade.  I have some stories with Hallie and Maddy, but that will be for another time.  I love these girls and will miss them so much.
Caleb McCourrey, Bailey Hall, Hallie, Gage Dyer and a new guy Jordan.
Hallie has been friends with these guys for awhile, except for Jordan who just showed up for the first time today.  LOL.  Just in time to say goodbye.  
I thought it would be really fun to show everyone the shoes Hallie will be sporting most of the time she is at WP.  They are just really attractive. 
 April Kaaiohelo came by to get a hug, both to say bye to Hallie and tell me I would be ok.  Her oldest Hayden plays football in Texas, so she knows all about sending a kid out of state to go play a sport and never really see them.  Her middle kid, Malia, played club with Hallie for the last 3 years, and Kason is Steven's favorite 6 foot tall 13 year old.  

 Hallie's first year playing for Peak Performance was with this guy, Will Ethridge as her coach.  Will was so great with Hallie.  He shares the love of beach volleyball with her, and played a lot of Sand volleyball in the summers with her.  He is also the coach that took them to Florida their 16's year and made it on ESPN.  National Runner-ups that year.  He also helped Hallie with her Candidate Fitness Assessment getting her accepted, and man, do I appreciate this guy.  He's gearing up to take his club team to Nationals this next weekend, and I bet they do terrific.  He's a great coach.
The Evans family came by to bid adieu, and I'm not sure why we didn't get Lynn (Jon's mom) in this picture.  She came too, and I'm glad because she is one of my hands down, favorite people.  I was a bit scattered today, so I didn't get to spend much time visiting with her, but I will.  Alli is still sporting her knee brace, after tearing her ACL and all the supporting joints in her knee, but she is heading to University of Tulsa on Sunday, and starting classes.  She will redshirt this season, but will be back full and strong next year.  I didn't say bye to any of them, because it will take a blowtorch to get rid of me.  This family and I are going to be Lifer's.  
Abbey Woodrow ran by, and I'm so glad, because she is about to start her adventure at Texas Women's University, playing volleyball down there.  Hallie and Abbey became friends in 9th grade when they both found themselves on the JV team.  They were seriously a great team, with Abbey's perfect sets and Hallie's hitting, they could seriously put the hurt on the competition.  We will miss us a whole bunch of Abbey.
And it wouldn't be a party without Maggie Davis and Rachel Krutz (holding the flag).  Hallie played HS volleyball with Maggie and Rachel, and of course, Rachel was her beach partner too.  Seriously love these girls, and their mamas came by to give me some hugs too.  
I do have these giant heads of Hallie.  I could use them and tape them around the house.  
Of course, my mama, Brian and JoAnn, and my "niece/cousin" Megan stopped by.  Little Major thought he should make most of the pics when he was there.  :)
Coach Jim Zepp.  Coach Zepp has not missed one season of watching Hallie at least once or twice.  He coached her first year of club (14's) and has been an avid supporter since then.  
 We were reminiscing about how this time last year, Lindsay was OH SO PREGNANT with Major (he arrived July 5) and how time just flies so fast. 
Tyler and Deaton
And because it's not a gathering without the token "Picture with grammie", here it is.  We have grown again!!!  She is surrounded with grands.  Only missing Kip and Sam in this pic.
 Gina, Makayla and Major
Makenna and Maleah
Growing like weeds!!!!!!
And it's not a party if we don't embarrass the guest of honor.  Janis shows off the "low quarters".  Hard to believe these shoes are worn with gym shorts, tshirt and Black crew socks.  Seems like something your grandpa would wear to mow the yard in.  
Hallie modeled her back pack (all 40 pounds of it) for everyone to see.  I think we have a few more things to stuff in there, but for the most part, this kid is ready.

All but the good bye at the airport on Tuesday part.  

If I have any advice for young moms, I would just tell you to write down the fun stuff.  Write it all down.  I wish I had started my blog back before there were blogs.  I wish I had written everything down from the time Lacey was born until today.  I love reading back on our old blogs and reliving all those ridiculously embarrassing times that we always seem to find ourselves in.  

And I know that she is going to KICK West Point in the face.  She is going to do the dang thing, even with a broken toe.  We go Monday for her xray to see how the healing has progressed.  We are praying for a "You are good to be weight bearing" from the doc.  She is anxious to be rid of the boot, and get in her army boots for good.  

And I know that I am going to be ok.  I really don't have a choice, as I have 3 more kids to raise.  More blogs to write about insane adventures, that will include Hallie, just in a different, cool way.  

God's got her plan, and those of you that I have called the last week at random times, because I was perilously close to the edge, THANK YOU.   You all talked me off the ledge and got me breathing, which in turn, helped me pull her back from the ledge and helped Her Breathe.

Norman Transcript wrote a really nice piece on her this past week.
Norman Transcript article

I think it's the NOT Knowing that is the hardest.  Oh sure, you can watch videos and see what it "looks like" from a video view, but really living it?  I will let you know if I get any letters and tell you how it's going.

I belong on a facebook page and one mom, in all seriousness, now, straight up posted, "I just stamped 80 envelopes for my cadet to write us at home,  do you think that's enough?"  After I recovered from choking on my sweet tea, I chuckled over and over as I read all the comments.  My favorite was, "I think that's about 79 too many" (as they are all required to write one).  No communication except in writing until August 19.  Lord, give me strength.

No news is good news, and that's what I'm believing.  

She leaves on Tuesday with Corey, heading to New York to spend a few days in New York with Chaurley and Danny (these are all sibs on her dad's side), and then heading up to WP on Sunday to a volleyball picnic, where she will meet up with fellow teammate Monica Eckford and her Mom, Gretchen Denk.  She will spend the night with them, and I'm sure SLEEP SO GREAT and report at 6 am on July 3.  I hope she remembers to eat before she goes, because that is going to be one long dang day.  If I don't hear from them on July 3 to come and get her because her dang toe is broken (!) then I believe with all my heart, this girl will show them how it's done.  

Lord, let this be true.  

Lord, comfort my anxious daughter and wrap her in your protection.  You gave her to me to raise for 18 years and I have done my best.  Now it's time for her to go into the world and shine and be the glorious human that I know she is.  Take care of her, Lord.  

She is yours.  Thank you for letting me have the funnest 18 years.  You are one good God.  

Drop her a line of encouragement, just make sure you don't send anything bigger than an envelope until August 19, then after that, boodle boxes are welcome! 

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