Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Saturday, June 10, 2017

West Point Bound 21 days and counting...

This past week, I have been an emotional rollercoaster.

One second, I am thinking "OMG, just let that day get here already!" (after she rolls her eyes at me, and tells me how ridiculous I am) and then I will be in the car and just start bawling (after she tells me she is "ready" for West Point, just not "ready" for the reality of not being here anymore).

First off, the whole toe thing is just a big pain in the rear end.  Rolling on her scooter, loping around in that big ole boot....just not the best way to train for the most grueling intensive 6 weeks of your life.

So, it's been tough.  Thankfully, Oklahoma has a West Point Parent's club that is going to rock my face off.  Today they had a picnic for the Cadet Candidates and had current cadets and graduated cadets there (along with oodles of parents) and answered about half a million of my non ending questions, and I met several of the other moms that are.....crying every other second, and ready to pull their hair out also.   It was a great day of fellowship and answered prayers.

One family is having their 4th FOURTH kid enter this year.  FOURTH KID.   If this place was a torture chamber, I'm thinking that the 4th kid wouldn't be heading there!  Proud of them.

I can't help but be sad that Hallie won't be going in 100% for Beast (that's the sweet term they use for basic training).  She had been rucking (carrying a weighted backpack, hiking in her boots) for 4 miles at a time, and sweating and training and really getting it together, and now we are resting and watching netflix.

We were gifted with a bone growth stimulator (AN ENTIRE GOD SToRY ON IT'S OWN) and are praying with all our hearts that it works like a champ, and gets that toe healed in 3 weeks.  It's already SO much better than this time last week, so I think in 2 weeks, she should be able to bear weight and get 'er done.   That is our prayer, and our plan, and we are nothing if not planners.

Moore Norman Technology Center did an excellent story on her for their website.  If you haven't seen it, here is the link.

MNTC's nice write up

It was a blessing getting to meet the other mom's today.  It's nice to know that I'm not the only one stressing over socks (! YOU HAVE NO IDEA!) and ziploc bags and  multi-tools that I know my girl will lose first rattle out of the box.  I Am Not Alone.  Everyone of these moms have the same anxiety, and we are going to be a great support for one another as our kids head off to New York.

I am going to have Hallie's address pretty soon and I will post it on here for you.  If you have a minute, please send her a card, or write her a letter of encouragement and send it to her during July.  She is GOING to Need all the HOME loving she can get.  No phones, no contact, sore toe, homesickness, overwhelming tasks..... I'm so proud of the path she has chosen, and spend a lot of time in prayer, asking God to take away my anxiety.

My kid has multi tasked like a big dog this year.  She not only took physics at Norman North (she had to take something there to keep enrollment), she concurrently took college classes (her government, English and Anatomy) at OCCC, along with Pre-Nursing 3 hours in the morning at the Vo-Tech.  And just for fun, she decided she needed a job this year and worked about 20 hours a week at HeyDay Entertainment, buckling up little kids for the ropes course, and on occasion, breaking up a fight between 2 grown men !!!!! in the laser tag area.  (That's my girl) She also never missed a beat with volleyball practice 6 hours a week, plus multiple tournaments and working out an hour a day, preparing for West Point.    Did all this and maintained her 4.0.

She Wore Me Out.

Can anyone say overachiever?

I'm so proud of her.  Even with this toe thing, she is staying confident, and working out her upper body, and memorizing all her stuff she has to know.  All this stuff isn't for the faint of heart, and I fear her mom, may be the faint-iest of all.

Everyone keep praying that bone heals, and she is good to go on July 3.

I'm just glad she is going in with friends from Oklahoma.  They are already bonding, and I like that.  It's always a better day with a friend in your corner.

Look out West Point, Hallie Hembree is heading your way.  I hope you're ready for her.

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